Bob Log III – My Shit is Perfect


Bob Log III - My Shit is Perfect

It’s been six years since Bob Log III has released an album. That’s nearly unheard of in today’s churn ’em out at least once a year pace, but as Log points out with his album title, it takes some time to get it right. That’s not to say the one man band has been sitting at home fretting over perfecting each note. This guy tours relentlessly, often spending more time outside the US than within its borders, so I imagine there’s only so many hours to devote to writing new songs and actually recording them.

Blues purists probably already hate Bob Log’s style, of which he has tons. There’s the stage getup (jumpsuit, motorcycle helmet, telephone receiver, etc.) and the flash slide guitar and fingerpicking. Log is like an old bluesman hopped up on all of today’s fashionable drugs, playing at breakneck speed. This hasn’t really changed in the past 6 years, and My Shit is Perfect doesn’t exactly show any signs of Log slowing down. 

“Mr. Sis Boom Bah” is some of the cleanest, lightening infused boogie I’ve heard in ages – at least since Log’s first two solo albums. “It’s the Law”‘s clickity-clack reminds me of Bob Log’s earlier duo, Doo Rag, as does “Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Baby!”. The down n’ dirty “Shake a Little, Wiggle It, and Jiggle it Too”, “Shinkasen Teh!!” and, well, almost this entire album are classic Bob Log. By that I mean that Log sounds like he’s reached a peak. While Log Bomb, Trike, and School Bus were all fairly experimental, My Shit is Perfect hits a cool stride.

Initially, it felt like My Shit is Perfect was too polished. The moments of tumbling cacophony where nowhere to be found, and the frantic drum machine backbeats almost feel like a thing of the past. Yet every time that creeping feeling of “this sounds too nice” arrives I find the opposite is true. Bob Log is still attacking his guitar like a man possessed, and is still churning out bad ass broken down slide guitar blues like you wouldn’t believe. Log has built his own, personal niche and for all intents and purposes, his shit is perfect. You may not like it (particularly those purists previously mentioned), but Log clearly has put his all into these songs. Love it or leave it, Bob Log III will leave some sort of mark on your brain.

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