28 Degrees Taurus – Post Midnight Thrills


28 Degrees Taurus - Post Midnight Thrills

28 Degrees Taurus - Post Midnight Thrills

The Boston-based band 28 Degrees Taurus has two full-length albums behind it and has now put together six songs for its Post Midnight Thrills EP. These songs follow on from the last album pretty consistently, which means that the band has found its sound and has introduced refinements without going off the rails creatively. It’s funny: if a critic doesn’t like a band, he or she would use a phrase like “lack of growth” to describe this kind of consistency. After hearing the last album and wanting more, I find this EP a fine holdover until the next album.


The sound is shoegaze psychedelia. The trio manages quite a full effect for being just three people. What distinguishes 28 Degrees Taurus from others is singer Karina Dacosta’s vocals: a la Lush, she has a sweet delivery that soars about the cacophonous drums and guitar. On “Universal Love,” the choruses don’t even need words but instead make due with just drawn-out “ahhhs,” and it still works. “Seeking Heat,” an accelerated near-rock song, also gets a lift from its choruses. The clipped spoken-word verses have an odd quality that sounds unnatural and need those kinds of choruses for contrast (and, perhaps, redemption).

The guitars often have a constant, slow, wah-type effect to them, which may be the reason for giving an impression of earlier psychedelic influences. The drumming doesn’t ever surprise you but consistently catalyzes the songs’ movements and changes. It’s quite akin to Steve Shelley’s on the middle-period Sonic Youth recordings. Without the same dissonance, granted, this EP would make a nice companion to Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation even after all these years between them. And that includes Taurus’s Slowdive-driven “Heart Attack,” as well, because its finish rivals Sonic Youth’s “Silver Rocket.”

Given that it has only six songs, this EP doesn’t have the time or space to show off the band’s talents to the same degree as did their last album How Do You Like Your Love. It does, however, hold promise for the next album.