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Eric Copeland – Alien in a Garbage Dump

You’ve met the person before. Good chances you are the person I’m talking about. I’ll admit myself that I am. This type of person is the one who proclaims, “I am a lover of sounds.” What this person is really saying is that make that statement is that they love music so much that they have a connection that runs deeper and resonates within them in … [Read more...]

Nutrition On Tape – Queen Bee EP

Here's an interesting one: Nutrition On Tape consists of Matt Howley, an Australian in London, and his keyboards, samplers, and drum machines. His Queen Bee EP shows in four songs that he has a way with pleasantly engaging compositions. The nicest thing about his tracks is that they're unassuming and often warm, without the indulgences that tend to … [Read more...]

Eat Sugar – It’s Not Our Responsibility! EP

Why does our society reward aggression? Or is aggression the incorrect word to use when describing an athletic sport? Then again, some sports, like boxing or wrestling are in fact, very violent. We’re told that anger and any form of it is, without a doubt, wrong. And in addition, some people don’t even stand for it and when encountered, simply walk … [Read more...]

Interview with Keren Ann Zeidel and Bardi Johannsson of Lady & Bird

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hello Keren Ann and Bardi -  I am very much looking forward to your upcoming album as Lady & Bird, your collaboration where Keren Ann is Lady and Bardi is Bird.  Your melodic, delicate, yet stunning self-titled debut album from a few years ago goes on a subtly thematic journey (about the flight and fall of two … [Read more...]

Arctic Monkeys – Humbug

Yikes, all of that hype that swirled around Arctic Monkeys really was massive, huh? I mean, when you sit back and reflect, on just one day of sales their first album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, became the fastest-selling British album in history, in ONE day. During the same month that it was released, NME published a list that … [Read more...]

28 Degrees Taurus – Post Midnight Thrills

  The Boston-based band 28 Degrees Taurus has two full-length albums behind it and has now put together six songs for its Post Midnight Thrills EP. These songs follow on from the last album pretty consistently, which means that the band has found its sound and has introduced refinements without going off the rails creatively. It's funny: if … [Read more...]

Piney Gir – The Yearling

What do we know about Piney Gir then? That she originates from Kansas, has lived in London for over a decade, and was a leading light in several noted all female troupes such as the Schla La Las and the Panther Girls. I need to trawl my own memory banks for info here as there isn't an accompanying press release for 'The Yearling', and I think I … [Read more...]

Virgin Passages – This Is Not The End Of The World Again

The first time I heard this, I thought it was some sort of inside joke for people who sit around in smoky bookstores rereading the same outdated Sun Ra fanzines and doing lame Sudoku puzzles. Confessions aside, after many much lengthier musical experiences, I can now say that I am more fully a convert of this strange, spacey sound. So yeah, it … [Read more...]

Thrice – Beggars

Say what you will about Thrice, but the members have grown up. I've been following this band since I heard their first album Identity Crisis, and with each release they continue to amaze me. They are one of the few bands that has grown right alongside my growing musical tastes. Identity Crisis saw a young band exploring riffs and speed, in a … [Read more...]

Tribecastan – Strange Cousin

There’s a singular kind of feeling one gets when they’re able to let inhibitions go and let loose. Whether it’s in the style of familiarizing yourself with old friends, dressing for an event, or in this case, getting together with musicians who share similar bonds and rejoicing in the music you’re creating. There’s a picture of the duo, John … [Read more...]