The Reptilian – Boy’s Life EP

The Reptilian - Boy's Life

The Reptilian - Boy's Life EP

The Reptilian is a carbon copy of Minus The Bear, down to the silly, long song titles. The EP kicks off with a guitar riff I swear I heard off Highly Refined Pirates, and continues to duplicate MTB’s style, rhythm, and tone like the members are building Ikea furniture. I’ve heard knock-offs before, but sheesh — you might as well have labeled this a rough demo tape. It’s shocking how little innovation there is in these four songs. You think they would make the most of an EP, instead of ripping off a semi-popular band. But no, they throw away a perfectly good opportunity to promote themselves, relegating the only moment of creativity to the throw away, ambient weirdness of “Wallkicks Will Work”. 

What saves The Reptilian from being completely written off is Jon Sacha’s voice. He brings this Thursday-esque growl to the mix, with this great, primal hurt, like a dying wild animal. There’s a real sense of urgency here, the same I get from Geoff Rickly circa Full Collapse. This is a man with something important to say, desperate for anyone to listen. But where Rickly and Thursday back it up with poetic, symbolic lyrics, The Reptilian falls short. The group’s lyrics are spotty and inconsistent at best — they match the stuff found on War All The Time at worst, and they come off goofier and more self-important than the titles of their songs. You can’t hide your failed attempts and significant lyrical poetry behind irreverent song titles. You can’t have it both ways.

In the end, I want The Reptilian to trust its instincts. The group doesn’t have to hide behind tired, worn out licks — they can take the chance and write the kind of music they want to write. I don’t think they’re a shitty band, I just think they’re afraid to commit.

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