Archives for July 2009

Water & Bodies – EP

Portland’s Water & Bodies would like to think that it spices up indie rock. It doesn't. Supposedly, electronics and jazz are the special ingredients, but on the group's new EP, the former falls flat and the latter is nonexistent. Their already subpar sound is hampered by their attempts at eclecticism. This is the difference between being a … [Read more...]

All India Radio – A Low High

Australian Martin Kennedy formed All India Radio in 2000, releasing several albums including an ARIA-nominated self-titled album in 2003, and has contributed compositions to film and TV soundtracks like director Michael Moore’s Sicko and the TV series One Tree Hill.  A Low High is the last chapter in a musical trilogy that Martin started with … [Read more...]

Patrick Cleandenim – Orange Moonbeam Floorshow

You’ve probably heard Patrick Cleandenim’s music before—but I mean that in the best possible way. In Patrick Cleandenim’s second album Orange Moonbeam Floorshow, a record distinctly different from delightfully poppy debut Baby Comes Home, delivers vintage songwriting in a contemporary pastiche of DIY dance-rock. Speculating upon the inhabitants … [Read more...]

Kissing Cousins – Pillar of Salt

Looking back has its disadvantages, like turning into a pillar of salt. It also has its advantages, like Pillar of Salt, the debut album by California’s Kissing Cousins. Articulating the vision of songwriter Heather B. Heywood, this all-female lineup combines elements from punk, camp, R&B, hard rock, dark balladry, new wave, mystical psych, and … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #20

No introductory thematic connection-making spiel this time around, just some notes on three semi-obscure oddments that might otherwise slip through the net, fall through the cracks, go under the radar, get lost in the crowd, slip overboard, become needles in haystacks... yadda yadda yadda.             Glen Johnson - … [Read more...]

The Aurora Project – Shadow Border

When one thinks of progressive rock/metal, the most obvious attributes are the musicianship, vocal skills and unusually (but often warranted) lengthy pieces. However, there is also the simple fact that most players are shameless geeks. Hell, Genesis took lyrical content from William Wordsworth, Led Zeppelin referenced Lord of the Rings, and Rush … [Read more...]

Staff Benda Bilili – Très Très Fort

Do you ever get that feeling, in the deepest part of your chest, where a certain kind of art moves you like no other? Those uniquely delightful moments and instances where the music and the story behind it tell such compelling stories? As often as I've said, and you certainly don't need to hear it again but my goodness, music is one miraculous … [Read more...]

Aeroplane Pageant – Even The Kids Don’t Believe Me

The concepts behind Aeroplane Pageant's songwriting may be a little too ambitious and often convoluted. With the band's follow-up to their well recieved debut full length Wave to the Moon, Aeroplane Pageant has painted a story of lies, all starting with man being swallowed by a tiger and the world falling into choas, etc. Apparently it gets … [Read more...]

Auerbach tour dates announced

The man the AP said “just gets it” is hitting the road this November. Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach is heading on a late fall tour in support of his critically acclaimed solo debut Keep it Hid. The tour begins in Columbus, Ohio, on November 5th. Check out the rest of the dates below. Justin Townes Earle and Jessica Lea Mayfield are the … [Read more...]

Coffinberry – s/t

Coffinberry continues to explore its sound, and this time around, it leads to full-on roots rock. Simple, yet distorted, rhythmic chords pervades the group's self titled debut, while lackadaisical vocals and lazy melodies from frontman Tony Cross sit at home with the down-to-earth instrumentation. Almost none of the band's previous forays into … [Read more...]