Dark Knights of Camelot – “Purple Undertones”

1967: Purple Haze.

1984: Purple Rain.

2009: Purple… Undertones?

In choosing purple as a part of its song title, Mississippi band Dark Knights of Camelot is asking for a lot of easily avoidable comparisons. The group’s track “Purple Undertones,” however, has little in common with Messrs Hendrix or Prince.

The song begins in quite an epic fashion, with a sludgy, slow guitar riff over a relentless drum beat, followed by sparse, dry vocals. The band quickly teeters on the point of bloatedness, repeating the twangy riff over and over again. Being a power trio, the band relies heavily on the abilities of their singer/guitarist Ben Shea, who seems to struggle to balance between the two.

Eventually the song builds and builds, culminating with a much more uplifting conclusion than the dark beginning. As the song progresses, it begins to take on a whole new feel, reaching an anthemic guitar solo at its end. For fans of darker, less accessible alternative rock, this is surely a song worth giving a listen to.