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Datsik/Flux Pavilion/Excision – Boom EP

In addition to the somewhat worthy attention that Burial received for his two albums, the dubstep genre has always been a thriving and prevailing community in music. Artists like Benga, EL-B, Oris Jay and many others have proven the style of music to be a fantastic genre. It’s even moved into the realm of hip-hop where many have cited it for the … [Read more...]

The Black Drumset – S/T

The ninth song on The Black Drumset’s self-titled debut album has a running time of 4:29 and consists of nothing except the sound of rain, with a few loud, booming thunderclaps echoing in the background for good measure. I choose to point this out at the beginning of my review because the track does a good job illustrating the ridiculousness of the … [Read more...]

The Reptilian – Boy’s Life EP

The Reptilian is a carbon copy of Minus The Bear, down to the silly, long song titles. The EP kicks off with a guitar riff I swear I heard off Highly Refined Pirates, and continues to duplicate MTB's style, rhythm, and tone like the members are building Ikea furniture. I've heard knock-offs before, but sheesh — you might as well have labeled this a … [Read more...]

Dark Knights of Camelot – “Purple Undertones”

1967: Purple Haze. 1984: Purple Rain. 2009: Purple... Undertones? In choosing purple as a part of its song title, Mississippi band Dark Knights of Camelot is asking for a lot of easily avoidable comparisons. The group's track "Purple Undertones," however, has little in common with Messrs Hendrix or Prince. The song begins in quite an … [Read more...]

Filastine – Dirty Bomb

No offense or anything, but Dirty Bomb would make an awful dirty bomb. Look at the album art there: Filastine's name furtively fitted amongst the columns of a ruined temple, the record's name graffitied against a short, nondescript wall. That is hidden. That sort of expression could crawl up behind and cause damage when least expected. The record, … [Read more...]

Anthem In – The Cloudbusting EP

Like most sane individuals, I can shamelessly admit that I am a skeptic of albums named after cover songs from the 80’s. I mean, come on. It’s alright to throw in a few cover songs here and there. It’s kind of like a security blanket, or a greasy, late-night comfort food. But when your entire album is named after and fronted by a version of Kate … [Read more...]

Sleep Whale – Little Brite EP

Melding together the disparaging worlds of electronic and acoustic music is not a task easily assumed. Many times, a disproportionate amount of either one will result in some sort of New Age drivel that's better left on the shelf of your local Hallmark store. Thankfully, the post-rock underpinnings of Denton, TX-based Sleep Whale are far removed … [Read more...]

Caroline – Murmurs Mixes

When considering remix albums, choices should be carefully disposed and meticulously calculated. Coming up with solutions on when to release them is another question on its own. A group like Junior Boys has made a name for re-releasing its albums and pairing them with a remix album. And with time, I am sure that we will see a remix disc whenever … [Read more...]

Isa & the Filthy Tongues – Addiction

Scottish bands don't, as a rule, come from Edinburgh.  Edinburgh is mostly perceived as too respectable, too reserved, too culturally elitist to produce much in the way of amplified rhythmic sound with perhaps adult lyrical content. Scottish rock bands are mostly from Glasgow, that grubby corner of Caledonia that is forever the south Bronx before … [Read more...]

Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career

“I wanted to control it, oh love I couldn’t hold it” are the words that Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell sings to kick off the Glasgow band’s fourth album, My Maudlin Career. With such romantics in place and expanding on the right balance of lush pop and sweeping strings, it’s hard not to hold back. These traits carry a precocious talent in … [Read more...]