Yo La Tengo Release New Album in September

Popular Songs to be released September 7th 2009. Also Yo La Tengo playing Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on June 15th.

There’s an old saying at Matador HQ, the only thing predictable about Yo La Tengo albums is their high level of excellence and crazy amount of musical ground covered.Trouble is, even if you believe we really have an old saying that unwieldly, it doesnt really do justice in this instance. The new Yo La Tengo CD/2XLP/digital album Popular Songs could be the bravest musical statement to date in a career full of em. Recorded in Hoboken and Nashville in early 2009 with longtime associate Roger Mountenot, Popular Songs finds the trio of Georgia Hubley, Ira Kaplan and James McNew at the height of their creative powers, fashioning an epic work thats cooly confident as it is wildly adventurous.

Even for longtime followers of Yo La Tengo, the stylistic range encompassed on Popular Songsis startling; the band arent merely conversant with rock & pop subgenres stretching into the double digits, but their unselfconscious mastery of such is simply uncanny. Without absolving you of the sacred responsibility of listening to this album from start to finish (with no commercial interruptions!), we can say with full confidence there are portions of Popular Songs where a cursory needle drop reveals a band that doesnt sound instantly like Yo La Tengo or at least how you recognized them prior to now. In the words of Mike Wolf, Yo La Tengo is not afraid. They walk confidently forward, into the unknown, hand in hand. And 12 (or 14) (or 19) albums in, they may just be hitting their stride.

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