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Faux Hoax – Your Friends Will Carry You Home 7″

This little slab of vinyl comes in a limited edition of 1,000 copies on black. As with most records these days, Faux Hoax (pronounced "folks") comes with a download code so you enjoy the tunes on your iPod - you'll even two extra tracks for free out of the whole deal. The band (side project? collective?) features members of Menomena, Gang of Four, … [Read more...]

Pinback Returns to the Road

Oct 17 @ Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ Oct 19 @ Emo's, Austin, TX Oct 20 @ Loft @ Palladium Ballroom, Dallas, TX Oct 21 @ Exit / In, Nashville, TN Oct 22 @ The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA Oct 23 @ Club Downunder, Tallahassee, FL Oct 24 @ Common Grounds, Gainesville, FL Oct 25 @ The Social, Orlando, FL Oct 27 @ Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC Oct 28 @ … [Read more...]

PDX Pop Now! Unveils All-Ages Festival Line Up and Announces PDX Pop Now! At City Hall

PDX Pop Now! -- Portland's premier local music advocacy organization - has announced the line up for the 6th annual festival as well as plans for a show on the steps of City Hall. PDX Pop Now! will be returning to Rotture (320 SE 2nd Ave) on July 24th, 25th and 26th for the free, all-ages festival that showcases Portland's diverse musical … [Read more...]

The Bats- The Guilty Office

First off, kudos to The Bats for this cover art. Isn't it great? It's just 4 rooms, but it seems so subtle and serene. And it's pretty fitting, really. The Bats has that very subtle quality about it that makes the band such a great listen. You can hear so much beauty in one of the group's songs, yet you can't pinpoint the beauty's source. Or if you … [Read more...]

Clock Hands Strangle – Distaccati

Isaac Brock may be years away from retirement, but Modest Mouse already has more than its share of tribute bands. They range from the splendid (Cymbals Eat Guitars) to the swindlers, and Clock Hands Strangle is a regrettable example of the latter. On Distaccati, the band’s sophomore release, CHS borrow liberally from The Lonesome Crowded West era … [Read more...]

Beware of Safety – Dogs

Beware of Safety has shown up on the scene with an epic full-length debut called Dogs which falls squarely within the dramatic build-and-release brand of post-rock perfected over ten years ago by Mogwai and subsequently rehashed by Explosions in the Sky and subtly expanded on by Mono. It is absolutely free of vocals and filled with crisp production … [Read more...]

Depeche Mode – The Dark Progression DVD

You’ve got to have some serious chutzpah to even consider encapsulating an influential band’s 30 year career into a 95 minute documentary (an unauthorized one, no less). More audacious still, is the choice to pursue said documentary without the blessings of the band in question. When the band happens to be Depeche Mode - perhaps the most … [Read more...]

Forever on tour

Portland, Oregon-based rock, post-punk, garage band Forever is on tour. June 26 Athens, GA @ ATHFEST June 27 Richmond, VA @ Show Pending / Playing a radio show in the day June 28 Washington DC @ The Girl Cave June 29 Philadelphia, PA @ JR's Bar June 30 New Brunswick, NJ @ TBA July 1 Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio July 3 Brooklyn, NY @ Dead … [Read more...]

Olekranon – Gaitan

Olekranon’s new full-length release, Gaitan, is another entry in the increasingly visible, small-run, one-man-band vein. Without much presence online, there isn’t much to go on aside from the liner notes which state that the music was done by one Ryan Huber. You wouldn’t be able to guess the nature of the project by listening, though. There is … [Read more...]

The Lemonheads – Varshons

Evan Dando is certainly no slouch when it comes to cover versions.  In fact, many of his most memorable moments over the years - especially with the on/off/on again Lemonheads - have been via other people's songs.  From the snotty-but-sincere punk-pop assault on Suzanne Vega's "Luka," via a warm chugging reheating of Michael Nesmith's "Different … [Read more...]