Official Secret Shine news – Hoping for a long hot summer!


Hope you’re enjoying the summer. It’s been surprisingly warm in England which is nice but will it last…

More Big Pink Cakes
Just a quick update from the Shine camp. We’re playing at the Big Pink Cake weekender on Saturday July 11th. This will be an
entirely acoustic set and we have a few little surprises up our (short) sleeves, including a somewhat unusual cover which Dean is in
training for as we speak.

Germany here we come again Our German tour is shaping up nicely and we are excited to be playing with All in the Golden Afternoon in Berlin and Hamburg (and hopefully more). This is the new shoegaze band from Rachel Goldstar, known for her beautiful vocals in Monster Movie and Experimental Aircraft. Check out their myspace:

Here are the German dates so far. Please note, these dates replace any previously reported dates:
Wednesday 21st October, Bang Bang Club, Berlin
Thursday 22nd October, Gleis22, Munster
Friday 23rd October, Astrastube, Hamburg
Saturday 24th October, Blue Shell, Cologne

We hope to add more dates soon and as usual thanks to everyone who’s worked hard to get this off the ground. It’s harder than you would think but very much worth it!

Secret Shine go Twitter!
We’ve succumbed to this latest social networking site. Thought it may be fun but I need to keep finding interesting things to say.
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Jamie keeps writing more songs
The album is also coming along very nicely. We’ve recorded music for about 15 songs – maybe we’ll do an old-style double album! The actual release date of the album is likely to be delayed due to Kathryn having to deal with some serious family matters which could take her out of the country for a few months. But we’re working on it every week so it’s looking like late 2009/early 2010.

Until next time…

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