And the Moneynotes – On the Town, On the Vine EP

And The Moneynotes - On the Town, On the Vine EP

And The Moneynotes - On the Town, On the Vine EP

I still haven’t caught Scranton, PA band And the Moneynotes live yet, but I have been enjoying the group’s new 4-song EP On the Town, On the Vine. The disc features songs recorded in 2008, including “Souraina” from the group’s swing through the Daytrotter studio. The band has continuously evolved from its debut (as Dr. Horsemachine and The Moneynotes) This Year We Hunt through last year’s New Cornucopia. And The Moneynotes’ sound has ranged from tales of the high seas and down home hootenannies to sweet Western swing, rock, and all points in between. On the Town, On the Vine is no different, but the evolution of the band as a cohesive unit and the strength of the songwriting (split between Mitchell Williams and Mike Quinn) continues to grow.

The EP opens with “On the Town”, an upbeat number with plenty of sing-along moments. In addition to ever growing musicianship, And The Moneynotes continue to gel in general – the studio tracks and the one recorded live don’t sound much different from one another. Mitchell Williams’ second song, “On the Vine”, is lots of fun and keeps the group’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics (“She’s one ripe tomato, you’d have to kill her just to have her.”) in the forefront. Mike Quinn wrote the other pair of songs, “Magnetism” and “Souraina”. “Magnetism” has a slow Western swing vibe while “Souraina” – the track recorded for a Daytrotter session – is the slow burner of the bunch. The title comes from the Pennsylvanian colloquialism “aina”, meaning “ain’t it” or “isn’t it”. This simple ditty is the one that will stick in your head for days at a time.

This four song EP merely serves to tide And The Moneynotes’ growing fanbase over until the next proper release. While there are many bands out there playing similar styles, this rag-tag group has that extra spark that sets it apart from all the others. Maybe it’s a Pennsylvania thing, but these guys are speaking my language. For just $7 you can get the tomato red 7″ plus download. Don’t miss out!

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