Serpentina Satélite – Nothing to Say EP

Serpentina Satelite - Nothing to Say

Serpentina Satelite - Nothing to Say EP

Serpentina Satélite is a five-piece out of Lima, Peru that has put together an EP of epic proportions which has been released on the German label, Trip In Time. While the band may call this an EP due to the fact that there is a mere five tracks, they last for 48 minutes so it is by no means a short journey for the listener. There is ample time to kick back and trip out.

The first track, “Nueva Ola”, sets the tone by opening with a fuzzed out, single electric guitar note followed by silence. This pattern repeats several times, packing the same punch as a gong signalling a battle cry. Then some spacey electronic noise builds slowly in the distance with notes twinkling here and there. If you were lost in space, floating aimlessly as stars and comets flashed by, this music would likely be playing. The relaxed sensation begins to pass a few minutes in and anxiety heightens as drums fade in alongside dream-like whispers. Cymbals crash the guitars move faster with a feeling of panic as if suddenly realizing the destination is unkown. The creepy whispers appear again in the last minute and a half followed by all out percusion smashing and guitar throbbing. Only in the last 10 seconds does it all of a sudden come to an end and you realize how much your imagination may have gotten twisted up in the music.

The title track moves away from the post-rock sound and indulges more in psychedelia. Guitars pulse and scream as vocals echo in a chanting fashion. Percussion keeps the song moving and holds it together in the last couple minutes as guitars fly off in all directions with almost too much freedom. The gears switch in “The Last Drop”, intoxicating guitars rock out in true 60’s fashion. The lyrics are sparse and echoed, with the words nearly indistinguishable. The only phrase that rings clear is “are we there yet?” And you’re likely to be light years away by the point. “Madripoor” follows in the same vein but more organic and anxious.

The final track, “Kommune 1” is basically a twenty-three minute tripped out jam session. Fuzzy and overdubbed guitars swirl amidst percussion while an electric guitar freaks out over the spacey, intertwined layers. The band memberss refer to it as “a journey to the roots of psychedelia”. I couldn’t have said it better. It’s about experiencing the moment, succumbing to your imagination and just letting yourself go. The destination is irrelevant. But of course, if you are not in to the idea of 23 minutes of guitar jamming with seemingly no course, then you might just feel like your just getting hit with space debris.

Serpentina Satélite label, Trip in Time,  has the slogan “delighted by psychadelic rock” and I’m sure they are quite delighted in this album. Nothing To Say is a turbulent expedition into the depths of space with pulsating guitars, intricate layers and rich textures. If you are at all a fan of space rock, you’ll likely enjoy the ride.

Serpentina Satélite

Trip In Time