Pomegranates – Everybody, Come Outside!

Pomegranates - Everybody, Come Outside!

Pomegranates - Everybody, Come Outside!

Your first thought upon learning of the band Pomegranates might be “Does the world need another indie-pop band?” So many have come and gone that it’s hard to get excited about yet another. Everybody, Come Outside! just might surprise you.

Every so often a band comes along that does this kind of music just right: effortlessly pulling the pieces together and creating something you can’t help but enjoy. Bomb Pops, Aloha, Shout Out Louds, and Nada Surf have pulled it off and now Pomegranates seems very close to doing the same. There’s the breezy “Tesseract,” the hushed melodicism of “384 BC,” the lovely and spirited “This Used To Be My Land, But Now I Hate This Land.” Pomegranates never write the same song twice — a typical pitfall when putting together a full-length release. As if to make the point, Pomegranates end with “I Feel Like I’m A Million Years Old,” a 13-minute pastoral whose slowly changing sounds and moods that not many others could have pulled off.

Throughout the CD, there’s an attention to detail that rewards careful listeners. It might be the subtle introduction of a new instrument, the unexpected echo of a guitar and its subsequent ear-to-ear radiation (“Corriander”), a flute-and-acoustic number that doesn’t suck (“Sail Away With Me”), or an emphatic tambourine shake to make a song that much more animated (“Southern Ocean”). There’s enough depth and variety here to keep you entertained after the first listen.

At a time when so many bands club you over the head with their contrived pop hooks or grand gestures or self-conscious hipness, it’s refreshing to have something else to turn to.