Archives for April 2009

Super Furry Animals – Dark Days/Light Years

The thing about Super Furry Animals is that they simply do not put out bad albums. In many ways, the Welsh rock band has cemented themselves as some of the finest set of musicians currently making music. The level of quality, at a remarkably consistent pace, that all of their releases are cared for is exceptional. And honestly, very few other bands … [Read more...]

The Blackbelt Band – A New Community

A New Community is chock-full of rich tones and masterful grooves. This moody chill music by The Blackbelt Band pulls from blues and rock, adding flavors of acid jazz along with whatever other music floats around their hometown of New Orleans. Unfortunately, the band's promising sounds wither under glaringly bad vocals. It's hard to pin a label … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Four EPs

The Naked Hearts - These Knees EP Self-released The Brooklyn, NYC, indie-rock duo of Amy Cooper (guitar, vocals, songwriter), and Noah Wheeler (bass, drums, vocals, songwriter), formed in the recent past of January 2008, but their musical roots run deep in the lean, melodic, and relaxed, but rockin' guitar, drums, and vocals sound they … [Read more...]

New Love Language Video for “Sparxxx”

The Love Language "Sparxxx" … [Read more...]

Fever Ray – Fever Ray

The darkness all around us is hardly clairvoyant. The growing nature of this eeriness is something that we all must deal with on a day to day basis. Karin Dreijer Andersson, half of The Knife, has always been able to not only convey this coldness but with her debut album as Fever Ray, the Swedish artist has perfected the art of ominous … [Read more...]

One Win Choice – Define/Redefine

There's nothing too subtle about One Win Choice's five-song EP Define/Redefine. It's generally the sound of punk before there was hardcore: strident, angry, polemical. Of course this kind of thing has made some sort of resurgence a few times in the past, and mall kids have done nothing to improve its image by wearing their torn jackets emblazoned … [Read more...]

Bad Credit No Credit – Hey, Rube! EP

Carrie Anne Murphy has a bone to pick — with boys, girls, bullshit, machines, clubs; you name it. Fronting the Brooklyn five-piece Bad Credit No Credit, she spits, croons, and growls her way through five tight songs on the band’s excellent debut EP Hey, Rube! with a voice that rivals the boom of Shilpa Ray’s. With support from instruments ranging … [Read more...]

Valina – A Tempo! A Tempo!

Austrian math rockers Valina bring with them new meaning to the old cliché “power trio.” Bands twice this size would have a difficult time generating the kind of thundering presence felt on A Tempo! A Tempo! But despite the purgative overtones, Anatol Bogendorfer (vocals, guitar), Florian Husbert Huber (bass), and Anselm Dürrschmid (drums) have … [Read more...]

Black Dice – Repo

The cover art to Black Dice's latest album looks beckons the listener to "go where new experiences await you."  It appears to be the defaced cover of a garage rock LP (supposedly by the Kingsmen although I have never seen the original even after much searching for it). The band members' faces have been replaced with something resembling paint … [Read more...]

Lightning Daze – Caught In A Frame

Like its name implies, Lightening Daze is sudden and confusing, and you can hear it coming from a mile away. The record starts off with this weird, sloppy homage to My Bloody Valentine before settling into a dull groove (if you can even call it that) layered with overly wordy verses and whiney choruses. The lead singer has no sense of rhythm or … [Read more...]