Mad Anthony- s/t

Mad Anthony - s/t

Mad Anthony - s/t

Many comparisons come to mind when listening to Mad Anthony‘s self-titled five-track EP. Bristling, driving rock is pretty broad genre, and Mad Anthony’s brand of this is in the vein of bands like The Cramps, The Misfits, or The Toadies. Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, these local musicians are revamping their sound after the 2006 collapse of The Black Scabs.

Mad Anthony’s traditional sound may not be particularly groundbreaking, but they are certainly competent musicians, incorporating classic rock elements with some punk rock elements. While this combination is tried and true, Mad Anthony does not quite execute, and the EP feels like something is missing.

The heavy riffs and lightening-fast drumming are both there, but all of the elements just do not come together. A certain cohesiveness is required in an album that is lacking on this self-titled debut; each individual part sounds like it should work with the others, but the mixture needs something to tie it together. Sonically, Mad Anthony very well could sound excellent in a live show, but leaves something to be desired on this recording.

It is a good start for this reforming group, but a lot of fine-tuning is ahead for Mad Anthony before they can craft rock songs that will convey well on both the stage as well as on an album. This is not out of reach for a band that clearly has talented musicians and a good ear for what they want to sound like, but there is work to do. Hopefully, Mad Anthony will refine their sound in future releases, even though this EP fell a bit short. Mad Anthony is touring now in local Ohio and Kentucky venues.

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