Lightning Daze – Caught In A Frame

Lightning Daze - Caught In A Frame

Lightning Daze - Caught In A Frame

Like its name implies, Lightening Daze is sudden and confusing, and you can hear it coming from a mile away.

The record starts off with this weird, sloppy homage to My Bloody Valentine before settling into a dull groove (if you can even call it that) layered with overly wordy verses and whiney choruses. The lead singer has no sense of rhythm or timing, unleashing these awful, off-kilter squeals that make getting through the already boring melodies an absolute nightmare. The drummer is seriously awful—they probably should have left him off the record and played to a click track. It might have been more interesting, and at least I could be able to count on a steady beat.

Lightning Daze makes seven songs sound like seven years—it’s just torture to slog through this record. This pseudo punk/post-punk/post-whatever spiel has been done so many times before by so many better bands, and if you can’t make yourself stand out, why even bother? This white noise contributes nothing, and only degrades an already dying genre.

Perhaps the worst part of Caught In A Frame is that it won’t just be a bad album—it has to actively offend me with its pure laziness. The last track delivers one final “fuck you” to the listener with a sample of dialogue from Robin Williams of all fucking people. Using a movie quote is one of the hackiest, most groan-inducing moves in the book, and to use one of the hackiest, most groan-inducing comedians of all time just reeks of desperation and self-importance.

I know I’m trashing them, but I get where they are coming from. They listened to Source Tags And Codes and those great Get Up Kids records and thought, this is really cool! I can do this! And yes, they can. Just without any sense of grace or musical ingenuity.

Lightning Daze

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