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Red Red Meat – Bunny Gets Paid (Deluxe Edition)

Sub Pop originally released Chicago band Red Red Meat’s third album Bunny Gets Paid in 1995, and have recently reissued it as a double disc with a remaster job (courtesy of drummer Brian Deck) and a half hour of bonus material from that era. 2009 is almost fifteen years on and the “music scene” can seem like it’s splintered into a semi-coherent web … [Read more...]

Kylesa – Static Tensions

Static Tensions is the fourth album from Savannah, Georgia metal mavens Kylesa and it may well be the best damn album the band's released and one of the finest of 2009, metal or otherwise. With this, Kylesa take the leap into the big leagues by delivering on the promise of previous release Time Will Fuse Its Worth. Listeners are bombarded with a … [Read more...]

Gui Boratto – Take My Breath Away

Let me preface this a bit, just a little bit. Have you ever spoken to people who listen to electronic music and who seem to have such a, for lack of a better word, pretentious stand on it? This can be seen from two sides: the side that listens to only club standards and dare say they know everything there is to know about the genre and then there … [Read more...]

The Telescopes – # Untitled Second

# Untitled Second, originally released on Creation way back in 1992 and here reissued by Bomp! Records as both CD and limited edition white vinyl , marks the first Stateside release of the oft-forgotten dream-pop groups'  second full-length. Bomp!'s treatment sees the record get snazzy new packaging (displayed in the image to the left) and three … [Read more...]

Distant Lights – Simulacrum

As much as I adore virtuosity and complex arrangements, I also admire good, simple songwriting. Very often we’re given one or the other by bands, and while that’s fine, the most respectable acts fuse them. With Simulacrum, Distant Lights has done just that. Sometimes there is a clear separation between the two, but for the most part, the album is … [Read more...]

Austin City Limits Line-up Announced

The rumors are true; Pearl Jam will join Dave Matthews Band and the Beastie Boys as headliners for this year's festival. Held in Austin, Texas' Zilker Park, the festival will also showcase Kings of Leon, Jack White's new project, The Dead Weather, Mos Def and many more. One thing is for sure, I'll be there again. The festival is from October … [Read more...]

Silversun Pickups – Swoon

Initially, I was feeling damned determined to write an entire review of the latest album from the Silversun Pickups without namedropping that other band with whom they share the SP acronym. My rationale for this, to be perfectly honest, was based on stubborn and illogical principles; surely a 21st century indie rock band from the eternally hip … [Read more...]

Hangman’s Alphabet – Unbend the Shape

Boston-based rock trio Hangman’s Alphabet debut, Unbend the Shape, mixes prog-rock, post-punk and indie-rock with varying degrees of success. The resulting hybrid is an angular math-rock with complex and layered romps played with precision but without many hooky melodies. The choppy songs are filled with crunchy, prog-rock riffing and tight, … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO#17

A fellow enthusiast once advised this writer to "unplug the drip" of the music world in the wake of university years working in the student newspaper's music section and upon the inaugural publication of a long-forgotten photocopied fanzine.  Maybe this friend was trying benevolently - albeit in vain - to stop another fanatic being tethered too … [Read more...]

Interview with Mark Kozelek

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hello Mark!  You have a new album, Lost Verses Live, coming out in early May that consists of songs recorded from the acoustic tours you did in 2007 and 2008 with guitarist Phil Carney.  How did you choose which tracks to include on this album out of all the live material you had recorded?  Were you going for the best … [Read more...]