The Wonder Years/All or Nothing – Distances 7″

The Wonder Years/All or Nothing - Distances 7"

The Wonder Years/All or Nothing - Distances 7"

The Distances split 7″ pits a Philly band vs. a Birmingham (UK) band. Two songs each, a thousand copies pressed (300 white/blue splatter, 300 white/red splatter, and 400 clear blue – if you care). The groups apparently met while The Wonder Years – that would be the Philadelphia based band – were doing some shows in England and met – you guessed it – All or Nothing. Recordings ensued and Distances came to life.

Fans of pop-punk, rejoice! “An Elegy For Baby Blue” and “Don’t Open the Fridge!”, the A-side tracks by The Wonder Years, are decent examples of sing-along style pop-punk. There’s lots of energy and lots of pop and punk. If synth-tinged tunes with gang vocals are your cup of tea then you’ll dig this.

And if you really, really love pop-punk in all its glory, then B-sides numbers “I’m Not Being Rude, But I Could Have Had Your Job” and “Summer Vacation in Providence” by All or Nothing are more of the same. The British band has a choppier sound – think ripcord punk with plenty of shout alongs – but the overall effect is too similar. Maybe the comfort of similarity drew these two bands together?

The Distances 7″ comes with a download card to snag a third song by All or Nothing, which I didn’t use. Believe me, it’s not you The Wonder Years/All or Nothing, it’s me. I’m just not that interested in pop-punk, despite how well you ply your craft. There are plenty of kids out there plugged into this scene who will no doubt salivate for this split 7″.