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Interview with Hotel Hotel

Delusions of Adequacy:  Your band Hotel Hotel is relatively new to the music scene, starting out in 2005, but you've released three albums, have had plenty of line-up changes, and have toured extensively during this time.  Who is currently in the band, what instruments do you play, and how would you describe your sound or style? Chaos/Trade … [Read more...]

Heartless Bastards

The band is just starting up its spring tour and will hit Philadelphia tomorrow night. Check out the title track from The Mountain, released last month: March 28 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero* March 29 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls* March 30 - Columbus, OH - … [Read more...]

Melodyguild – Aitu EP

Suzanne Perry, best known for her enchanting, ethereal vocals on many a Love Spirals Downwards song, is back after almost a decade with a new band called Melodyguild, which also features Matt Gleason on guitars, Nicholas Pallos on drums, and John West on bass.  The band has a 4-song EP out titled Aitu on Projekt Records, which was also the home of … [Read more...]

Inchworm – Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing EP

Inchworm is not very good at presentation. Their band name is terrible, Sheep In Wolf's Clothing is a horribly cliched title for their EP, and the cover art is startlingly atrocious. However, you can throw all the negative adjectives you like at their packaging; the music within is just plain enjoyable. On the back of the success that bands like … [Read more...]

Daniel Lenz – Stuck in a Dream

Sampled music can set off many different reactions. And really, it all boils down to the presentation. Some artists, like Kanye West and The Avalanches' entire debut, have mastered the ability to sample with accurate precision. And other times, well, it just doesn't work out. Daniel Lenz has set out to re-create the success of his work for … [Read more...]

No Through Road – “Party To Survive”

No Through Road is self-described as "Guided by Voices vs. Modern Lovers vs. Pavement." Once you start throwing around Guided by Voices and Pavement, indie ears immediately prick up. I'm not ready to evoke Pavement from No Through Road, but I like where they're going after hearing "Party To Survive" from their new album, Winner. due out on April … [Read more...]

Deer Tick on Tour

Thu-Mar-26 Durham, NC Duke Univeristy Coffeehouse * Fri-Mar-27 Baltimore, MD The G-Spot * Sat-Mar-28 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda's * Fri-Apr-03 Swarthmore, PA Olde Club - Swarthmore University Thu-Apr-23 Boston, MA Harpers Ferry Fri-Apr-24 Providence, RI Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel # Mon-Jun-08 Philadelphia, PA … [Read more...]

Reigns – The House On The Causeway

Pastoral imagery in music is nothing new. Beehoven had it pretty well figured out back in 1803 with his Symphony No. 6, in which five movements depict countryside scenes of merriment and bucolic bliss put on hold by an unexpectedly turbulent thunderstorm. The brothers Farthing (Tim and Roo) and their project Reigns have made a career out of … [Read more...]

Birdwatchers of America – There Have Been Sightings

Apparently this Boston band take their name seriously as between the song tracks on their debut LP There Have Been Sightings are sound bites concerning the thought-to-be-extinct Ivory-billed Woodpecker, turning this LP into a thirty-nine minute, 7-song EP. Formed from the leftovers of two dissolved Boston bands, Permafrost and The Red Telephone, … [Read more...]

Queen Adreena – Djin

Djin is the fourth full length album from London based noisters, Queen Adreena;  aband previously known for its gutsy riffs, strangely upsetting but unmissable stage antics and feisty, somewhat damaged lead singer Katie Jane Garside.  Although so far this has only been released in Japan, a European release is planned at some point in the future - … [Read more...]