Outclassed – This Might Be Coincidence 12″ EP

Outclassed - This Might Be Coincidence 12" EP

Outclassed - This Might Be Coincidence 12" EP

From high pitched squeal that begins the album to the hardcore carnage that opens “Kick God in the Face, Hail Satan!” you know you’re in for a wild ride. I almost run for the volume knob, but then through the hardcore haze something else emerges…math rock? mathcore? Whatever it is there’s something calculated and technical rearing it’s head among the screamy vocals. One second I’m getting straight-up pummeled, the next there’s a bona fide melody rocking along.

“The Amputated Hand Book” is another two-sided coin. There’s a stompy swamp rock jam simmering somewhere under layers of disjointed rhythms. It’s almost has though two very different bands are playing together at the same time. I’m not even sure how this works, but for Pittsburgh, PA based quintet Outclassed it does. “Hey Dudes Quit Wrecking All the Bikes” is even more frenetic than its predecessors with its short, martial drum flourishes and plenty of distortion.

Not much punctuates the transition into “Fuck Mark”, but the chaos of the drums and guitar is punctuated by that super high pitched squealing feedback yet again and features some nice, mathy breakdowns. “Missing Teeth” finishes out the EP by screaming right back into hardcore territory (did it ever really leave?). The guitar sounds as though its permeating the studio wall from the math rock band next door. Outclassed is definitely breaking sticks, strings, and other things.

This Might Be Coincidence may not strike you in a positive way, but it will definitely have an effect. It’s hardcore, it’s math rock, and it’s noisy as hell – and the mash-up of styles results in some pretty cool songs. The half black/half white vinyl ain’t half bad either.