No Through Road – “Party To Survive”


No Road Through

No Through Road is self-described as “Guided by Voices vs. Modern Lovers vs. Pavement.” Once you start throwing around Guided by Voices and Pavement, indie ears immediately prick up. I’m not ready to evoke Pavement from No Through Road, but I like where they’re going after hearing “Party To Survive” from their new album, Winner. due out on April 25th.

“”Party To Survive” starts out with a non-sequitur beeping intro, that leads into a rhythmic duo of jangly guitars. The drums pounce with each jab at the guitar, while the bass accents the song in the most minor of ways. Once Matt Banham starts singing, his voice beneath a thin layer of fuzz, the guitars play secondary to what he has to say, which is fortunate considering Banham handles the lead role nicely. His melody is angular but injected with enough catchiness to get the chorus stuck in your head. “So don’t end this night/I need to feel alive/No, don’t end this night/I need to party to survive” is delivered with a precise punch to keep you happily singing along.

No Through Road throws out a fun, jam rock song that is definitely an entertaining listen. You can check out “Party To Survive” on Winner. Hopefully the album will be just as much of a joy as this song indicates.