Gun Outfit – Dim Light

Gun Outfit - Dim Light

Gun Outfit - Dim Light

The muddy and clumsy LP Dim Light is a course blend of dive bar rock and 1990’s era alternative. Gun Outfit, a trio from Olympia, Washington, hashed this out in hopes of reinvigorating sounds from bands like the Meat Puppets or Dinosaur, Jr. But instead they have created a mess all their own.

Gun Outfit play two guitars, drums, and share vocal duties. There’s no bass guitar. Sounding more like a bar band than alt rockers, the songs are built on simple punk and blues-based riffs and chord progressions that are flecked with hard rock and Southern rock. This sound often features messy, driving chords lined with awkward leads that rarely work. But other tracks reveal novel guitar harmonies that make for Dim Light‘s sole strength. If not for the solid drum work, this would all fall to pieces.

The vocals are especially bad–the male and female duets putter out like the ramblings of two comatose patients. Once or twice the male lead vaguely reassembles Lou Reed’s talk-singing, but the character is washed away in discord.

“Guilt and Regret” is Dim Light‘s best track, but even this will strike many listeners as harshly amateurish. If you have ever walked into a small, local venue for the first time and found some displaced opening band playing to an empty room, then you can guess what Gun Outfit sound like.  This needs a lot of work.