The Hermit Crabs – Correspondence Course EP


The Hermit Crabs - Correspondence Course EP

Glassgow, Scotland’s The Hermit Crabs are an indie-pop band, pure and simple. But as pure as their music is, the brilliance of it is that it’s not so simple. This is not a lo-fi affair, as so many bands have done before with pretty vocals, a poppy beat, and some simple guitar. There’s plenty of lush instrumentation here, a nice mix of acoustic and electric guitars, and excellent production, giving each song – even the simple and pretty ones – a rich luster.

The band’s new EP opens with a blissfully pure dose of pop. “About You Before” features gorgeous female vocals, a light rhythm, some stirring violin, and just a hint of retro-minded guitarwork that gives the song an instantly classic feel. The title track is a bit more creative, reminding me of some of the 80s pop bands like Aztec Camera and The Field Mice until a nice little guitar solo comes in, grounding it nicely in modern pop. “Turn the Clock Back” is the requisite slower song, a kind of hip-swaying slow, while “I Don’t Know How” brings back the head-bobbing pop feel with lo-fi pop sensibility: guitar, drums, and vocals are all you need.

Matinee has proved time and time again that the indie-pop genre is universal. It doesn’t matter where the band is from – if the talent is there, you’ll enjoy it. Fans of light, poppy music will enjoy The Hermit Crabs undoubtedly, but what makes this band so unique in its instrumentation and production will surely give this band an even wider audience. Nice stuff, and a nice development from the band’s debut full-length.