Technostress – Technostress EP


Technostress - Technostress EP

It’s not unusual these days for band members to collaborate across great physical distances, as members in one city can work on songs with members in another by exhanging ideas and rough drafts digitally. Technostress consists of three musicians, two in DC and one in LA, yet the band has managed to record an EP and tour Japan. If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is.

Singer/bassist Treiops Treyfid, the LA band member, used to live in DC back when he was in cult-favorite band Pitchblende. The DC contingent of Karl Hill and Aimee Soubier played in The Factory Incident with Government Issue’s John Stabb, so—taken together—the band’s pedigree lends it some instant credibility. Despite the past projects of its members, what Technostress delivers is more alienated 80s-rooted post-punk than art-rock or hardcore.

You can’t mistake the Treyfid vocal style for anyone else’s: it’s detached and distinctive. In Technostress it’s a little creepy, and on “Devices Crawl,” sounds appropriately anxious and paranoid. This track has sharp, slightly discordant guitar (as on most other cuts as well) that fuels the song’s sense of crisis. “Electrocution” slithers through its verses with a serpentine guitar line and near-dance beat, punctuated by occasional high bass notes. The song perpetuates the EP’s dystopian vision of our future as if the motif weren’t already clear enough from the band’s name and song titles alone.

“Strip Mall” and “Are You Human?” coalesce around drum racket and more sharp guitar. “All Is Styled” takes a little Gang of Four or Pylon (in terms of its rhythm section) and tacks on some Fall/early Bloc Party to give it a novel feel. Overall, the EP gives us a glimpse into our future, or one vision of what our future may be. In the Technostress world, it’s not always a pretty place but it is some comfort to have it laid out like this before we get there.