Roofwalkers – “Cut Every Corner” b/w “Broken Sticks”

Roofwalkers - "Cut Every Corner" b/w "Broken Sticks"

Roofwalkers - "Cut Every Corner" b/w "Broken Sticks"

For some reason I always assume recently released 7″ records only contain in your face, gritty rock n’ roll. I’m not sure where this expectation developed, but I still end find myself at least mildly surprised when I slip a slab of vinyl on the player and hear anything but loud. Such is the case with the new Roofwalkers 7” on Taps and Dies Records. This Washington, D.C. based quintet—formerly performing as Pagoda—released this record last year. 

When “Cut Every Corner” rolled in all soft and jangly, I was definitely caught off guard. My interest was piqued though, and I quickly fell into the hushed vocals and tambourine shimmer. The song strikes me as a mash-up of California psychedelia and Americana-pop. This track definitely makes me pine away for one of those lush early Spring days that let you know the cold will soon be gone.

“Broken Sticks” dips its toe even further into the Americana realm—as the song begins I’m almost expecting a murder ballad. More twang and jangle is complimented by a bit of slide guitar. This instrumental song glides from eerie lows to strained highs and back again, giving it an even more psychedelic pop feel than its A-side.

This Roofwalkers 7″ is a perfect example of why I still love vinyl. This group’s style meshes so well with the warm ambiance of a record, and the two song 7″ is far superior to any CD single you have ever owned. You are left wanting more of Roofwalkers, but in a “collect ’em all” excited fashion instead of an underwhelmed “it’s not enough” fashion. Finding something this good is always a treat!