Abe Vigoda- Reviver EP

Abe Vigoda Reviver

Abe Vigoda Reviver

Abe Vigoda may not be a name one recognizes, but after opening for bands like Diplo and No Age, they just might be well on their way. Based out of Los Angeles, the quartet recently released a full-length album in 2008, Skeleton. Abe Vigoda plays a blend of rock and noise, while catchy pop elements pepper the album.

Although released in a relatively short period of time, Skeleton and Reviver are strikingly different from each other. Abe Vigoda pulls off a more experimental approach on this EP, even dipping into something equated to shoegaze. This happens on “Wild Heart,” an interpretation of a Stevie Nicks song of the same name.

The lead vocals are a definite strong point for Abe Vigoda. Most noticeably, they can sound like those of The National, and in a good way. The best example of this is the opening track of the EP, “Don’t Lie.” Another good element of this release is the band’s ability to try something a little off the wall, but still be able to sound like a straightforward rock group, such as on “The Reaper.” Although the band’s unconventional tracks are rather good, “The Reaper” ends up being the strongest track on the record.

Abe Vigoda is not quite up to the level of a band like No Age, but if this EP is any indication, they do have the potential to hone and fine-tune their sound. Reviver would be a great introduction for a potential listener, and fans of post-rock will probably find a lot to like with Abe Vigoda. Extensive touring is slated for the band throughout 2009, so chances to see the band live will soon be plentiful. Reviver will be available through Post Present Medium in mid-February.