Scream Hello – Everything is Always Still Happening

scream_hello-everything_is_always_still_happeningI should hate Scream Hello and so should you.  Everything is Always Still Happening is full of cheap hooks and whiny emo vocals.  Bands like this should’ve died in the late 90s. Then again, maybe that’s why I don’t hate them.  There’s nothing like this around anymore, and, if you’re over the age of 21, bands like this transport you back to a time when you only worried about the next show or house party you were going to or asking out that girl you like.

The opener, “35 Plums,” is full of riffing that recalls bands like Piebald or The Get Up Kids, jagged and playing with the overactive drums.  Sure, it also brings Thursday or Fall Out Boy to mind, but unlike the way those bands co-opted these elements for their overall glossy radio sound, Scream Hello keeps it punk rock to an extent. This pretty much continues throughout the album.  It’s closer to bands towards the back end of (ugh) emo’s underground run in the way it’s a bit generic and less experimental, but it’s not bad overall.  If it was 1999, this would be generic, but since it’s 2009, it’s difficult to say.

The only real glaring problem here is the singing.  James Caverly’s delivery is almost lounge, affected with a thick, breathy layer of melodrama, although when he gets more into it, he touches a rougher delivery that works better.  He’s also not classically good at carrying a tune, so the melodies tend to be overly simple.  Usually a singer like this would get buried in the mix, but here his vocals are way up front, almost to the point of being distracting.

Aside from the confusing psuedo-hardcore track, “Bullets,” it’s pretty much cut and dry: if you miss this type of music, you should give Scream Hello a listen.  If not, they won’t change your mind.  As a kid who grew up on this kind of shit, though, I may not love this, but I’m glad it’s still around and you might be too.