Many Birthdays – Emptiness is Forever EP

Emptiness is Forever…I had a feeling I wouldn’t be into it. Thankfully, I’m not close minded enough to completely shun them off and I thought I would give them a secondĀ  chance because 1) they’re from my home state of Texas and 2) they’re from Austin; music capital of the world. Well, this second chance afforded me the opportunity of experiencing a very unique and very catchy sound that is Many Birthdays’ combination of post-punk and electronic pop.

The EP opens with the dark and plodding “Kiki The Destroyer”. Listening to this track all the way through gave me immediate respect for this outfit. It’s dark, comical and the male/female vocals work really well together. Think of a darker version of The B-52’s. Unfortunately, they follow it up with the J-Pop “Minnawa”. For Japanese pop enthusiasts this is your song, but it was a little lost one me. “Electro Fantastic” really lives up to its name. It isn’t as high energy as its title, but it doesn’t really need to be. The mood is perfect, as it’s another fairly slow and smooth synth-rock number. . “Good Luck” is fluid and beautiful through and through, even after the more rocking elements cut into the awe inspiring beginning. It’s a perfect showcase of the attitude this band possesses, and it definitely brings out their punk elements more, not to mention the Devo inspired hooks. “Tsugi Ni Kuru Koto” is the other Japanese driven track, and this one I didn’t mind as much. In fact, the exchange of the female Japanese vocals and English speaking male vocals was quite ingenious. Dance and disco and a whole flurry of experimental electronic sounds really do wonders for the mood here. The closer, “Rock It”, is definitely another Devo inspiredĀ  80’s track through and through.

Many Birthdays has showed massive potential for great things with this, their second EP. It’s not a far cry that they will soon be making successful full length albums. After a shaky first listen I’m now I’m left wanting more – I certainly hope it’s worth it.