Dynamite Club – Fusion Era

album2Dynamite Club crosses The Minutemen with Dazzling Killmen on the 20-minute Fusion Era, and the results will either frustrate or delight you. Either way, you’ll have to appreciate the musicianship.

Members of the trio have been affiliated with John Zorn (no surprise), Fast n Bulbous (name presumably taken from the Captain Beefheart song — again, no surprise), and MDC (OK, a little surprising). The spastic bursts of mania that characterize Dynamite Club’s primal math-rock sound have predecessors going way back, but a lot of those earlier bands took themselves more seriously than does this band. Then again, there are plenty of bands who do what Dynamite Club does because they’ve gotten bored with music that’s predictable and they just have to laugh. Music can be sarcastic without any lyrics.

These songs just go all over the place but center around tight drum/guitar synchronization. If a song has a few seconds of funk or blues or near-metal, you have to wait only a few more seconds before it gets back to Hella riffing where every guitar note gets a snare hit and a few cymbal smacks thrown in between runs. These guys change tempo and time signature like they’ve forgotten their Ritalin.

The screaming and growling in the vocals don’t seem at all threatening — probably aren’t meant to, either. The discernable lyrics seem to have more to do with parody than aggression, despite the tone. Bonus points also for enlisting producer/engineer Don Fury, but maybe a few points off for the (again, sarcastic) CD artwork just because it hurts the eyes. But then I guess the point is to create a visual assault to go with the sonic assault, maybe?