The Budgets – Improve Modern Rock/Destroy Modern Rock

The Budgets
Improve Modern Rock/Destroy Modern Rock

Oh, punk rock, I remember you. Before it became fashion and make up and “emo.” Before it even became clichéd to lament your passing. The snottiness, the brashness, the brilliant melding of thrashy distorted guitars and unintelligible screaming. Whatever happened to you? Not now little slab of vinyl I’m busy. What’s that? Listen to you? I shan’t be disappointed? Well I suppose so. Just a moment please, I’ll be right back.

Well imagine that! My new little friend here has just informed me that perhaps all hope is not lost! Apparently there are signs of life in the form of two groups called The Budgets and Bust! that are here to save the day. On 4 songs these 2 groups have restored faith in the genre formerly known as punk rock. A split single titled Destroy Modern Rock/Improve Modern Rock has made me re-think things. While goal is accomplished these fellows have gotten rock back to its snottiest rambunctious roots.

Difficult to say at first which side is which band since one side of the record has a caricature of either Saddam Hussein or Tom Selleck and the other side says only “Please Play Other Side.” And both bands are fairly different from one another. Bust! Is a 3 piece, the more melodic of the 2, and play a looser sloppy version of punk. Singer/guitarist Kyle screams out some snide vocals ala The Descendents’ Milo but over top a No Pocky For Kitty-era Superchunk sound on “End It On A Good Note“ and “Out West” is chock full of teenage ennui and self loathing.

The Budgets are a two piece, and proud of it, who play remarkably tight for only the guitar/drum lineup. “City of Devils” and “Recycled Melody” are anthems to boredom and frustration and you can’t understand a single thing they’re saying. In true punk spirit, they won’t care either. Raw and powerful and like a less polished Damned they cut through these 2 songs with a pent up fury.

There ain’t a whole lot to go on with these two bands but they let the music do the talking. Each song gets in, gets out, and leaves you scratching your head as to what just happened. Even if it’s only temporary, thanks for visiting again punk rock.