Take No Damage – Shambles EP

Take No Damage
Shambles EP

Take No Damage scamper through eight fun noise pop novelties on their new EP, Shambles. The band’s harum-scarum sound stems from early Weezer and The Rentals influences. Like most good times, Shambles goes by in a hurry.

No single instrument or sound runs the show. The rhythm section bops along and a distorted guitar churns out bar chords. All the while, samples and 8-bit synths supply noisy arrangements. An off-kilter vocal veers from shaky nasal voicing to a nerdy shout. All together they make a lot of racket, but they seem to get along.

Opening track “Brazil” instantly exposes the band’s influences. A high end, synthetic melody rides along with slugging power chords. “Brazil” is a fun, fleeting song, but not nearly the album’s best.

“How it was Before” discharges lots of bending, syrupy synth that bounces through bass lines freed up by playful pop drumming. Samples, static, and grating guitars unite in leisure.

“Stay Up Late” spills a sleepy, cascading cacophony. Soft sung vocals lament, “If I could time out time for a time I’d have all the time that I could need to waste my time or free up some time so I could still feel free”.

“Sick and Tired” may be the EP’s best track. Syncopated drumming challenges an ultra-fuzzed bass. The opening feedback grows into high end harmonics as the band gets going. This track includes a nice break at 1:40 before kicking back into the chorus with all its bells and whistles. Shambles closes with “Mandown”. This song is a paced, rolling march with noise pop virtues.

Shambles follows up the band’s debut, Mushroom Clouds and Silver Linings. This EP is noisy fun. The noise isn’t just for atmosphere because Take No Damage’s songs are not subtle enough to claim any sort of ambiance. Noise pop can grate on some ears, but Take No Damage add enough sugar to please most tastes. Indie rock fans fond of quirks will enjoy.