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The Black Keys – Live at the Crystal Ballroom DVD

The Black Keys: Live at the Crystal Ballroom, released by Nonesuch Records, captures the Akron-based blues-rock duo performing to a sold out crowd in Portland just days after the release of their fifth album, Attack and Release. Directed by Lance Bangs, the DVD documents the furiously energetic live show the band has built a reputation for and … [Read more...]

Wild Sweet Orange – Philadelphia – First Unitarian Church, PA – 2008-11-18

Wild Sweet OrangeWhere: Philadelphia - First Unitarian Church, PA.When: 2008-11-18On tour supporting We Have Cause to Be Uneasy, Birmingham’s Wild Sweet Orange passed through Philly and played a show at the First Unitarian Church. It was the first truly cold evening of the season here in Philadelphia, and there was no way getting around having to … [Read more...]

HorrorPops – Kiss Kiss Kill Kill

HorrorPopsKiss Kiss Kill KillThe members of HorrorPops, Patricia Day on lead vocals and upright bass, Kim Nekroman on lead guitar and vocals, and Henrik Niedermeier on drums and vocals, hail from Copenhagen, Denmark, but now reside in L.A., California. The band continues to bracingly blend older musical genres like rockabilly, punk, and New Wave … [Read more...]

The Budgets – Improve Modern Rock/Destroy Modern Rock

The BudgetsImprove Modern Rock/Destroy Modern RockOh, punk rock, I remember you. Before it became fashion and make up and “emo.” Before it even became clichéd to lament your passing. The snottiness, the brashness, the brilliant melding of thrashy distorted guitars and unintelligible screaming. Whatever happened to you? Not now little slab of … [Read more...]

The Slants – Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts

The SlantsSlanted Eyes, Slanted HeartsThere is a lot of great electronica music, or some variation thereof, out right now - The Faint, Dan Deacon, and many others - but The Slants do not quite make the cut. More often than not, this record is choppy, overwrought, and forced. Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts tries to do too much and never really … [Read more...]

The Brother Kite – "Vacant Eyes" b/w "We Can Never Be Friends"

The Brother Kite"Vacant Eyes" b/w "We Can Never Be Friends"The true test of a songwriter or band is to have the ability to create a song that can stand on it’s own when stripped down to its barest essentials. Both Plumerai and The Brother Kite are known for dressing their songs up in effects, creating comparisons to Stereolab, … [Read more...]

Martin Bisi – Sirens of The Apocalypse

Martin BisiSirens of The ApocalypseIf you’ve ever heard of Martin Bisi, it’s probably because of him producing such acts as Sonic Youth, White Zombie and The Dresdon Dolls. However, he also has his own band, and their newest release, Sirens of The Apocalypse, is a zany psychedelic pop adventure that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Either … [Read more...]

Q-Tip – The Renaissance

Q-TipThe RenaissanceFrom the opening lines of Q-Tip’s newest classic, The Renaissance, it’s obvious that the Queens rapper knows just how important he is to the music and culture that is hip-hop. “And it’s up to me to bring back the hope, feeling in the music that you could quote” raps Q-Tip about the way things are now and how that old, soulful, … [Read more...]

Dr. Dog – New York – Webster Hall, NY – 2008-12-02

Dr. Dog Where: New York - Webster Hall, NY. When: 2008-12-02 Dr. Dog is probably the tightest, rockingest band on the planet today, and their live show serves as undeniable proof. The night was kicked off by a great opener, Dr. Dog's labelmates Floating Action. It's always nice to see an opening band that knows its role- not to steal the … [Read more...]

Ala Muerte – Santa Elena

Ala MuerteSanta ElenaMy Bloody Valentine knew how to bury and obscure the heart of a poppy melody or a dazzling hook in a mountain of carefully manufactured noise and guitar squalor. Bands like Rodan or The Sonora Pine figured out the value of letting an emotive frontwoman belt out a refrain over a textured underbelly of guitars. Bianca Bibiloni, … [Read more...]