Liquor Boxx – To The Face

Liquor Boxx
To The Face

What happened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers? If you stay awake at night wondering about how you’ll get your next fix of funk/blues/metal/party rock, you could always spend some cash on Liquor Boxx’s To The Face.

The Chicago-area quartet works its big-stage but still bar-band mojo on this album. You’ve heard it all before: the guitar solos, the funky beats, the melodramatic vocals. Maybe you were at a bar of yuppies or college kids who never wanted the night to end, screaming for “one more!” as they stumble to the bar and have trouble discerning the $10s from the $20s in their wallets as they calculate how to pay for the next round. These are the same fans who start missing the urinal at around 11:30pm. They get the double-entendre of the band’s name. They probably chuckle when they say it out aloud.

As far as the music, it’s well played. These guys know their chops – no complaints from the Department of Competency. They’re polished and tight, honing their skills on the road no doubt. Apparently they tour and tour and tour. I’m sure that the best dates happen where there are lots of coeds, being as the band has the look and sound that would make those fans a little weak in the knees.

This is not the easiest music to play, so you have to give props to the guys for their abilities. Not every rhythm section can make the kids dance and jump around, and not even years of Guitar Hero get you to the point of mastering the kinds of solos on To The Face. It’s just that it all feels a little too retro at this point: welcome back to 1993.