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DOA’s Best Albums of 2008 – The Top 10

In the fifth and final portion of our Best Albums of 2008 we reveal our top ten albums of the year.   #10 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Real Emotional Trash  It's astounding that, after years of creating music, Stephen Malkmus can still write and record an album as good as Real Emotional Trash. The band sounds more focused than ever, and … [Read more...]

DOA’s Best Albums of 2008 – 20 to 11

In the fourth part of our Best Albums of 2008 we uncover numbers 20 through 11...     #20 She & Him - Volume One  M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel were made to play music together. Deschanel's sweet, country voice is second in beauty only to Neko Case, and M. Ward's haunting, airy harmonies blend well with their debut's undeniable, … [Read more...]

The Theater Fire – Matter and Light

The Theater FireMatter and LightHaving a lot of influences can be a wonderful gift or a bit of a hindrance. It’s always good when an album is able to take all of those impacts, join them all, blend them together and fuse them together to create a solid all-encompassing and yet, distinctive sound. For a band like The Theater Fire, whose touring … [Read more...]

Mandible Chatter – Grace

Mandible Chatter Grace Uber-producer and innovative recording artist Brian Eno once said "Avant-garde music is sort of research music. You're glad someone's done it but you don't necessarily want to listen to it". This saying could be applied to Magnanimous Record's re-issue of Mandible Chatter's 1995 album Grace. While the record could be … [Read more...]

DOA’s Best Albums of 2008 – 30 to 21

Part three in list of the Best Albums of 2008 continues with 30 through 21... #30 James - Hey Ma  The creative, alternative, Brit-rock band James put out nine distinct, innovative, and sometimes glorious, rock albums before calling it quits in 2001. Fortunately, though unexpectedly, they re-formed in 2008 and released their tenth studio … [Read more...]

Mary O. Harrison – Factory Of Days

Mary O. HarrisonFactory Of DaysThis is a fitting solo debut for a woman who once fronted a band called Charm School. Formerly a student of new wave and power pop, Harrison has toned things down quite a bit on Factory Of Days, resulting in a collection of tunes that float between moments of orchestrated pop and roosty Americana. The unassuming … [Read more...]

Joe Gibbs and The Professionals – African Dub Chapters 1-4 Box Set

Joe Gibbs and The ProfessionalsAfrican Dub Chapters 1-4 Box SetIn the late 1970s, the Joe Gibbs label released a number of dub/instrumental albums, one of which is possibly the most influential reggae album ever recorded. Copies of African Dub Chapter 3 are a little less easily found in the CD chain store racks than you might expect though, given … [Read more...]

DOA’s Best Albums of 2008 – 40 to 31

Part two in our look back at the Best Albums of 2008 continues with 40 through 31...   #40 The Duke Spirit - Neptune  Back in February, The Duke Spirit delivered a slice of good old-fashioned rock and roll in the form of Neptune. With her throaty, smooth vocals and lyrics about strength and courage, joy and optimism, and desire and … [Read more...]

Bumtech – Beware of D-G

BumtechBeware of D-GThe minimalist duo Bumtech consists of the fun-loving couple Sharon Schloss and Jonn Walterscheid. Bumtech is as close to King Missile as you're going to find these days: irreverent only begins to capture what these people are up to. You may be tempted to dismiss the band as juvenile (or worse), but you even then you're likely … [Read more...]

DOA’s Best Albums of 2008 – 50 to 41

Today we kick off our celebration of the 50 Best Albums of 2008 with a look at numbers 50 through 41... Every year when it comes time to put these "best of" lists together I always see at least one thread on a message board with someone complaining that the current year just wasn't that great for music. Honestly, I think that's pretty lousy and … [Read more...]