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South Jordan – Only Halfway EP

South JordanOnly Halfway EPMost bands form out of friendship or managerial decisions, but not Indiana’s South Jordan. Although very close now, the group arose from a song writing contest at Indiana University. Vocalist Mike Hall submitted a piece that attracted the attention of producers Mike Chen and Bobby Campbell, and in March 2008, they formed … [Read more...]

Deerhoof – El Paso – Club 101, Texas – 2008-11-10

Deerhoof Where: El Paso - Club 101, Texas. When: 2008-11-10 I’m a new fan of Deerhoof’s. Yes, after so many years of picking up their new album each and every time and tossing it aside, something finally, finally ‘clicked.’ Back around June they had announced a big American tour and one of their stops would be El Paso, Texas — a town they … [Read more...]

Kanye West – 808s & Heartbreak

Kanye West808s & HeartbreakKanye West has always been one of music’s most enigmatic characters. His brash confidence which borders on near self-arrogance is sometimes too much for people to handle and yet his music is, unquestionably, supreme with every single one of his releases. One thing to note about West is that he knows what he is doing — … [Read more...]

Interview with Alison Shaw of Cranes

The band Cranes has created consistently compelling, melodic, and distinctive music - vocally, instrumentally, and song structure-wise – for over two decades, and the band members (the core of the band being siblings Jim Shaw and Alison Shaw) don’t follow musical trends. Their intense debut album Self-Non-Self ratcheted up a harsh, ominous tension … [Read more...]

National Beekeepers Society – Pawn Shop Etiquette

National Beekeepers SocietyPawn Shop EtiquetteThe record’s title track begins with muted guitar notes, the humming of an organ and the soft, occasional strum of an acoustic guitar. The resulting mood, accumulated near the end of 13 songs and 34 energetic minutes, is one of exhaustion, if not a kind of broken-down resolution, a tired resolve. “Like … [Read more...]

Soft Targets – Heavy Rainbow

Soft TargetsHeavy RainbowSoft Targets are a pop-rock trio from Tallahassee, Florida. The group's influences are obviously varied as we see elements of the most contemporary indie rock mixed with a little glam rock and stretching even to some classic rock riffs. This would be a winning combination, yet the execution makes for forgettable listening … [Read more...]

Goddamn Electric Bill – Topics For Gossip

Goddamn Electric BillTopics For GossipMore often then not anything labeled electronic gets the reputation of being cold and impersonal. While that’s largely true, despite all their talk of computer worlds and man-machines I find Kraftwerk to be the opposite; warm, inviting, and oddly comforting. Much like the music of those 4 power stations, Jason … [Read more...]

Belleisle – Longstanding

BelleisleLongstandingOriginally a duo from Montreal, singer-songwriters Tasha Cyr and Rebecca Silverberg expanded Belleisle into a quartet for their debut album Longstanding. The album contains 13 tracks and approximately 38 minutes of reserved folk-pop with pretty vocals, but nothing that you would want to hear more than a couple of times, if … [Read more...]

The Dark Romantics – Heartbreaker

The Dark RomanticsHeartbreakerIn ninetieth century America, The Dark Romantics were poets who explored the darker side of human nature, the psyche and Transcendentalism. They had a pessimistic view of the world. Today, The Dark Romantics are an indie rock band from Florida whose sophomore effort, Heartbreaker, exploits a similar attitude. While … [Read more...]

My Milky Way Arms – My Milky Way Arms EP

My Milky Way ArmsMy Milky Way Arms EPMy Milky Way Arms is a collaboration between Houston, Texas-based MilkMan and Tim2K. They formed the band in the summer of 2007 and recently released this self-titled, resplendent 5-song EP that gravitates towards colder climes in its sparkling, crystalline electronic sounds that evoke the remoteness and wonder … [Read more...]