Fuck Dress – Suburban Nietzsche Freak 7"

Fuck Dress
Suburban Nietzsche Freak 7"

Embracing fully a slacker irony, this single from Fuck Dress strips down rock to some of its basics – laughing up its sleeve all the while. Two songs doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on, but there’s already a formula emerging from the Fuck Dress modus operandi.

“Suburban Nietzsche Freak” goes in for some self-conscious slagging of the indie scene lyrically while delivering its message via music that could be a hit in that scene. It starts with and continually repeats the line “God is dead so I listen to Radiohead,” a first-person account of what it’s like to be an “alienated” hipster these days. “I’ve got a will to power / That’s why I don’t shower” best exemplifies the angle here: Fuck Dress has no use for the pretensions of its own potential audience. Or it just likes a good joke. The music consists of basic but somewhat thunderous drumbeats pushed high in the mix, accompanied by some straight-line distorted guitar chords and repeated notes played the way a bass player might (riffing on a note for a measure or so at a time). This isn’t punk, though, despite the sneering. It’s more like the subversive post-punk of The Fall. A lot like The Fall.

The second track is called “Sunshine Corporation” and it turns its attention to the area of self-help. There’s a good bit of spoken-word male-female vocalization on this one. The pair deliver encouraging but cliched blandishments and bromides in a deadpan monotone that undercuts the supposed positive intent of the advice. The gems like “Leave the road to solitude” and “stop worrying and love yourself” and “overcome inhibitors to your success” probably come from some actual book not meant to be put in this mocking context. Musically, it’s quite similar to the first track in its angularity and power. Not at all sophisticated but surely direct – just the way to get the band’s message across.