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The Band of Heathens – s/t

The Band of Heathenss/tWhat was Alt. Country? Lyle Lovett, right? That song about riding a pony on a boat. Nashville instrumentation given an eccentric new wave twist that harked back to the tailfin gloss of the mid-50s. Two decades on and things are altogether more laidback, even bluesy, in the areas where the country mainstream blurs into more … [Read more...]

Heavy Water Experiments – s/t

Heavy Water Experimentss/tThe self-titled debut by Heavy Water Experiments cooks up choice blends of psychedelic, sludge, and acid rock. This motley combination of classic genres blooms darkly sweet in this LA duo's capable hands. Despite some weak spots, this album is a compelling listen for indie rock fans. The music revolves around persuasive … [Read more...]

Able Baker Fox – Voices

Able Baker FoxVoicesAnyone who listened to Small Brown Bike or The Casket Lottery should be aware that they were once creative cohorts. Able Baker Fox reunites the post-hardcore supergroup for - big surprise - an impressive full-length. Funny to think this is technically their debut. Members of the two bands pick up the sounds where they left … [Read more...]

The Marches – 4 a.m. Is The New Midnight

The Marches4 a.m. Is The New MidnightSouthern California, as the motion picture industry often reminds us, is a place saturated with hedonistic pleasures and self-indulgence. It is altogether fitting then, that the Marches hail from La La Land. Much like the urban sprawl they inhabit, their debut album, 4 a.m. Is The New Midnight, is frequently … [Read more...]

Cyne – Pretty Dark Things

CynePretty Dark ThingsI don't think there is anyone making cooler, more diverse music in hip hop than Cyne. They've taken the best of RZA's muddy, grimy production, paired it with some socially conscious rhymes, and laced the whole thing with guitar noodling and tight, syncopated drum beats. "Just Say No" opens with a drippy, clockwork backbone … [Read more...]

Manual – Confluence

ManualConfluenceManual is the pseudonym Danish producer Jonas Munk uses to express his own musical identity, which for the most part has consisted of dreamy, shoegazing indie-pop, stimulating electronica soundtracks and atmospheric ambient pieces. Often combining these styles in such perfect balance, his music can be enjoyed at low volume as art … [Read more...]

No Age – Washington – Black Cat, DC – 2008-11-12

No AgeWhere: Washington - Black Cat, DC.When: 2008-11-12It was a cold night and an odd bill. Five bands/DJs decidedly split into dance and indie-rock camps. Abe Vigoda and No Age represented the rock side of things. Abe Vigoda, in case you couldn't tell from the name, don't take themselves too seriously. The band members do take their music … [Read more...]

Hearts Of Palm UK – For Life

Hearts Of Palm UKFor LifeThe heart of the California band Hearts Of Palm UK is Erica Elektra, who, along with collaborators Frankie Rose, Jamie Kaye, and Dan Horne, deliver a debut album filled with songs that smoothly flow from one to the other, creating a gently percolating, upbeat vibe that is balanced by bittersweet, introspective lyrics, and … [Read more...]

Facing New York – Get Hot

Facing New YorkGet HotDespite the name, Facing New York is from California. The band is a three/four/five-piece (yes, lineup changes), standard guitar-bass-drums alt-rock group that's more French Kicks than Green Day, so maybe that helps account for the name. Get Hot mixes up styles a good bit. While there are obvious rock touchpoints, there … [Read more...]

Fennesz – Black Sea

Fennesz Black Sea It's been quite some time since we've gotten a proper album from Christian Fennesz. Black Sea is the Austrian musician's first solo full-length in four years. Known for his ability to transform gorgeous guitar melodies into industrial strength noise meltdowns via the use of a combination of analog guitar pedals and digital … [Read more...]