The Lost Revival – Homemade Confetti

The Lost Revival
Homemade Confetti

As an alternative to American Music Club’s Everclear you could do worse than The Lost Revival’s Homemade Confetti. Its rootsier than most of AMC’s earlier output but still fires on many of the same cylinders – most especially in the vocals.

Homemade Confetti‘s Americana stomps and boozes its way through 10 tracks of pleading confessionals. There’s the tent-revival strain of “Jesus Loves You” and the harmonica-accented “Powerlines” to keep you in the right frame of mind. “A Bird on a Chain” has a little bit of Grandaddy seeping into its beats, a departure from the shuffling beat of “Driftwood” and the rock/dance of “Thin Man’s Mile.” It all points to Lost Revival’s attempts to break out of the cardboard, one-dimensional approaches taken by the glut of Wilco wannabes.

If opener “Whiskey Lake” takes you through the gutter as a slow-tempo jeremiad, closer “First Day” gives you hope again, despite its solemn intonation that “Today is the first day of the end of your life.” It finishes the album with falsetto, hymn-like refrains that can lift your spirit after dragging you through the mud.