The Ettes – Look At Life Again Soon

The Ettes
Look At Life Again Soon

Look At Life Again Soon is gritty dance punk by The Ettes. This NYC 3 piece relocated to LA to push their oily garage band sound into the spotlight. It’s loud. It’s fun. It’s catchy. It’s hard not to like.

Look At Life Again Soon pulses through 11 tracks of streetwise simplicity. The music will tax your ears, but not your brain. Every track lets a super fuzzed guitar and grimy bass blurt basic 2 and 3 chord riffs. They check the leads, dynamics, and changes at the door. Band leader Coco takes a crude and formidable sound out of her guitar. Its harsh buzz benefits from production by Liam Watson. His resume includes the White Stripes and Kills.

Danceable rhythms and potent vocals deserve most of the credit for the album’s appeal. The rollicking drums steal grooves from back beat bands of the 60’s. These rhythms bounce along and drive the music. Meanwhile, Coco’s youthful female vocal presides indifferently over the music, and rings though without aggression or a lot of posturing. She can belt ’em out, but her approach is usually more understated.

Look At Life Again Soon kicks off with “I Get Mine”. The verse’s pulsing bass drum breaks into a heart quickened beat at the chorus. Track 4, “To Arms”, sounds like a stripped down version of The Go-Go’s. “Two Shakes” shares The Go-Go’s influence. Here, the guitar lays a kinked, thick line that dominates the hushed beat. Coco sings, “Two shakes, what’s it gonna be? / You get back down, you’re better than me / C’mon man, just take it to me / Over here, where no one can see”. This song is nothing but a good time. “Girls Are Mad” may be the album’s catchiest head nodder, with cheered vocals like, “I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it / It’s such a lie that you gotta believe it / Yeah, Oh yeah”. The guitar floods out in one glued shut, buzzing mess.

The Ettes deliver a gritty, street credible punk pop sound. Simple songs and happy beats make Look At Life Again Soon an easy listen. If raw, danceable punk sounds good right now, then The Ettes have something for you.