The Brokedowns – Six Songs EP

The Brokedowns
Six Songs EP

The Brokedowns is aggressive, fast, and sloppy, just like all good punk rock should be. So why is Six Songs so unimpressive?

It’s probably because we, as punk fans, have heard this formula so many times that it takes something really special to make a band stand out, and the Brokedowns just doesn’t have it.

Over the course of these fairly predictable six songs, the band blasts through every note with little regard for the things that have made their influences so great. Sure, the blazing verse of “Asshole Jacket” displays a talent for writing some pretty serious riffs, but the muddled playing and lack of melody in the chorus pretty much erases all the good vibes there. “Git’r’dunification” has a similar problem, when the momentum of the catchy Fugazi-eque front half of the song gets roadblocked by a slowed down second verse.

There are definitely flourishes of something special on Six Songs, but until the Brokedowns figures out how to harness those moments and flesh them out into entire songs, the band will pretty much just wade in the sea of punk rock also-rans.