Small Wonders #13

Asobi Seksu – Me & Mary 7″

Polyvinyl (

Asobi Seksu give us a brief preview of their upcoming full-length (due either in November or February depending on where you seek the release date….). “Me & Mary” is from the album and continues in much the same vein as their excellent Citrus album, meaning that it sounds like Ride and Slowdive mixed together. Like most of the modern shoegazers, Asobi Seksi are a little more heavy handed with their drumming than the original crop. These propulsive rhythms drive this song in particular while the flip side, “Breathe Into Glass” is a little slower and more introspective. They don’t veer too far into new territory but they’re very good at what they do which makes this one well worth picking up.


Prurient – Time Began in a Garden 2xC-10

Hospital Productions (

Dominick Fernow just keeps on cranking them out this year. After the much beloved And Still, Wantingand the so-so Arrowhead and even still the compilation Cocaine Death which was also quite good, now we get this. If you’re looking for more of the super distorted melodic work like the more recent stuff or even some hissing mic noise then you’ll be sorely disappointed. This double cassette is more along the lines of dark ambient artists like Deathprod or Non. It’s great stuff and if you’re a fan of Dom’s work in general there is no reason to miss out here. The cover has an image of JonBenet Ramsey’s face juxtaposed with a space shuttle blasting off. It’s creepy as fuck, reminds me of something David Lynch would do and just in time for Halloween!


Sarah Ramey/The Red F – split 7″

L’animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings (

Sarah Ramey kicks off this split with two very lovely tracks entitled “Magic” and “Jane.” Very quiet and lovely folk music. I wouldn’t call either of them “freak folk” by any means but something about it sounds otherworldy. The same goes for The Red F. They contribute only one song on the other side of the split but it creeps along at a snails pace and loses absolutely nothing for it. Gorgeous with hand made packaging to boot, how could it not come recommended?


Drone Parva/Prisma – split 7″

L’animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings (

Another one in the Tryst Haunt series! The Drone Parva side is instrumental folk with meandering psychedelic guitar leads. Reminds me a whole lot of Six Organs of Admittance. The Prisma side is dronier with a somber female vocal. For some reason I’m reminded ofmy favorite parts of Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice or Jackie-O Motherfucker. I’m sure comparisons to Charlambides could also be drawn but Prisma brings something else to the table on this that is esoteric enough on its own. Clear green vinyl and limited as hell like all of the others in the series.