Condo – Best of Luck

Best of Luck

Is Condo the only alternative-rock act with both a brother-sister and a husband-wife combo? Just curious.

Best of Luck takes its cues from the pop-rock indie scene and does a decent job at melding the good parts of its forebears. That is to say, Condo embraces the immediate appeal of the Interpols and Walkmens of the world, doing so without the overly self-conscious trappings of likeminded followers. The production quality exceeds that of most players in the field as well, which may be the result of going through the recording process a couple of times prior.

Condo mixes a decent amount of rock – borderline shoegaze at times – with its FM-ready hooks. “Judge of That” has some heavily distorted guitar and Levitation-like drive to it, as do parts of “Left at the Lights.” On a few of the songs, it’s the rapid snare work that keeps things moving smartly (“Suburban Symphony,” “Best of Luck”), but the drive of the rhythm section does sometimes play against the relaxed single-note guitar figures. The lead guitar hits on the House of Love and Adorable penchants for simplicity and memorability.

As you’d expect from a band whose bullseye is the alternative “hit,” the singing is well done and catchy. There are times where you’ve sworn you’ve heard the melody in someone else’s song, but I suppose that’s an acceptable occupational hazard.

Fans of shoegaze should check out “I’m Leaving” or “Suburban Symphony.” Fans of modern radio should give “So Unbecoming” or “Judge of That” a spin. I’m sure the band would do pretty well with the Death Cab set if Best of Luck ever makes it to their iPods.