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The Brokedowns – Six Songs EP

The BrokedownsSix Songs EPThe Brokedowns is aggressive, fast, and sloppy, just like all good punk rock should be. So why is Six Songs so unimpressive? It's probably because we, as punk fans, have heard this formula so many times that it takes something really special to make a band stand out, and the Brokedowns just doesn't have it. Over the … [Read more...]

This Is Radio Freedom – s/t

This Is Radio Freedoms/tThis Is Radio Freedom's self-titled EP strides through 6 synthetically enhanced tracks of edgy British rock. A lot of bands screw themselves by cramming synth effects into rock music, but this time it works. This album offers a handful of progressive, full bodied rock songs. This Is Radio Freedom sounds like a high strung … [Read more...]

Deerhunter – Microcastle/Weird Era Continued

DeerhunterMicrocastle/Weird Era ContinuedFor its third album and second full-length for Kranky, Atlanta's Deerhunter has reigned in some of the noisier texture of last year's excellent Cryptograms and tightened up its pop songcraft. The result is an album every bit the equal of Cryptograms in terms of quality while being vastly different in a … [Read more...]

Detox Retox – Hard To Swallow EP

Detox RetoxHard To Swallow EPWashington DC based Detox Retox (Michael Parker - vocals/guitar, Nate Frey - lead guitar, Kevin Glass - bass/vocals and Kabir Khanna -drums) have hit the indie scene as purveyors of disco tinged "sexy rock and roll", citing everything from classic rock such as The Rolling Stones to newer (and infinitely less impressive) … [Read more...]

Midsummer – Inside The Trees

MidsummerInside The TreesIt's unusual that a band of Midsummer's tenure and experience would just now be releasing a debut full-length album. After three EPs, a film score, a decade of playing together, and three years working on Inside The Trees, the LA band's first LP is finally here. It's also unusual for a collection of tracks to contain … [Read more...]

The Lost Revival – Homemade Confetti

The Lost RevivalHomemade ConfettiAs an alternative to American Music Club's Everclear you could do worse than The Lost Revival's Homemade Confetti. Its rootsier than most of AMC's earlier output but still fires on many of the same cylinders - most especially in the vocals. Homemade Confetti's Americana stomps and boozes its way through 10 tracks … [Read more...]

Eivind Opsvik – Overseas III

Eivind OpsvikOverseas IIIBlurring the lines of musical genres in this 21st century western society is no easy feat. iTunes and its digital brethren have practically issued a mandate to the contrary, ensuring that the habitual process of categorizing, organizing, and archiving one’s music is rewarded by a quick and orderly retrieval later. Indeed, … [Read more...]

Transient Songs – Plantation To Your Youth

Transient SongsPlantation To Your YouthI couldn't find out very much about Transient Songs aside from the facts that there are two of them and that they originate from Seattle. John Frum and Jimmy Andrews are specialising in what is a heady mixture of classic 80s (I swore I'd never use the word but here it is) Shoegaze - the surf harmonies, the … [Read more...]

Dylan Trees – The Charlie Horse EP

Dylan TreesThe Charlie Horse EPA British musician based in Venice, California creates just the type of music one might imagine - a sweet amalgam of British psych-folk drenched in sunny California dreamin'. Singer-songwriter Jeremy Simon emigrated to the Los Angeles area from his native England in 2006 in the hope of cross-pollinating his already … [Read more...]

Caves – Get On With It

CavesGet On With ItCaves is from modern-day Portland, Oregon, but if you didn't know better, you'd think the members were from the UK circa 1980. Danceable and addictive, these guys might be a bit too late to ride the Rapture/Franz Ferdinand wave, but unlike those two bands, you can enjoy these guys with little guilt. What all that means is … [Read more...]