Two Sheds – s/t EP

Two Sheds
s/t EP

Listening to this Two Sheds self-titled EP I find myself drifting away from the task at hand. Whatever I’m attempting to do while listening to this disc, I can’t accomplish. I end up sitting, eyes closed, captured by the slow net cast by singer Caitlin Gutenberger’s voice. Even though I’m not accomplishing much on the endless to-do list while listening, I fully appreciate the mini-retreat this EP offers.

While Gutenberger’s hazy vocals are a definite centerpiece of Two Sheds, this is not a focal point due to lack of substance elsewhere. The music is relatively simple and laid back – floating around hushed Americana and folk-ish territory – but the band is adept and subtle flourishes bring the songs alive. Without the tight music the vocals would mean very little – and in the case of Two Sheds solid lyric writing binds the whole package together.

The first pair of songs, “You” and “Perfect”, are sparse and dusty. Not soul-suckingly morose or hollow, but definitely reflective and somber. The strings on “Perfect”, provided by guest Melody Mundy, give the song its hazy horizon. These tracks certainly set the tone for the rest of the EP, with one exception – “WTF”. This is the only fully electric number on this five-pack of tunes, and while it isn’t a driving rock n’ roll number there is more of a sense of urgency backing Gutenberger’s “what the fuck” chorus. Closer “To Be Alive” is perhaps the masterpiece of this EP, and is the track that really demands a listen.

While the Two Sheds EP has a definite niche – one that doesn’t suit every mood – the music here is too good not to share with others. You probably won’t find yourself retreating to your dark place, but some introspection and self-discovery is likely on the bill. Or maybe a half-sleep and bright, warm day dreaming.