Ponies in the Surf – See You Happy

Ponies in the Surf
See You Happy

Ponies In The Surf is a brother and sister duo from Cambridge, MA via Colombia. Their music is an inconsistently brewed blend of twee, indie and folk-rock rooted in their native pan-American pop style.

Most of the tracks on See You Happy are plodding, folksy frameworks colored in with guitars, organs, keyboards, bass, percussion and gentle boy/girl vocals. The hushed tone of these reserved tunes lack an edge and freshness as the light and wispy melodies are interposed with subdued, surf-style guitar leads and only occasionally include more upbeat and sophisticated indie-pop arrangements.

Even when these ingredients are combined in the proper proportions the tunes remain inert since the arrangements are bare and most of the songs don’t have enough quaint peculiarities to make them flavorful. Lo-fi recording and lackluster production force the songs to rely on the comforting characteristics of the understated indie-twee-folk, of which there are too little to make it real appealing.

As with all Darla Records releases, the packaging is exquisite and includes an informative booklet, nice artwork and a bonus disc of eight tracks (six cover tunes and two demos), including the curious inclusion of the Talking Heads’ “Heaven”. But unless you enjoy soothing, mostly bland rhythms, layered in surf-like folk-pop, Ponies In The Surf are probably not for you.