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Ariel Abshire – Exclamation Love

Ariel AbshireExclamation LoveRight from what is both the album opener and title track it's obvious what Ariel Abshire is about. Each of the ten tracks on Exclamation Love share a common ambience of easy on the ear instrumentation and the vocal talents of Ariel herself, which are considerable. While her backing band might not win any prizes for … [Read more...]

Wire – Object 47

WireObject 47Despite missing the contribution of ex-guitarist Bruce Gilbert here, the remaining members of Wire (Colin Newman - vocals/guitar, Graham Lewis - bass/vocals and Robert Grey - drums) have released an album a good few decades after their most popular works, Pink Flag and Chairs Missing, which truly showcases their vast musical … [Read more...]

Time Since Western – A Sun Goes Down

Time Since WesternA Sun Goes DownDeparting from the kitschy-cool chamber rock of his other band, Pale Young Gentlemen, Madison, Wisconsin-based Andrew Brawner has created a simmering album with understated messages and stunning craftsmanship. With emotive, Cat Power-like composition and poised, crooning vocals, Brawner's Time Since Western combines … [Read more...]

The Great Northwest – The Widespread Reign of the Great Northwest

The Great NorthwestThe Widespread Reign of the Great NorthwestThe Great Northwest gathers for sonic reverie on its debut, The Widespread Reign of the Great Northwest. With resolute patience and stellar production, this Portland, Oregon band weaves rich soundscapes that are equal parts space rock, slowcore, and psychedelic jams. This music doesn't … [Read more...]

Cheap Girls – Find Me A Drink Home

Cheap GirlsFind Me A Drink HomeWith a band name like Cheap Girls and an album called Find Me A Drink Home, you might expect some alcohol-fueled, hard-edged bar-rock to come spewing from the speakers, and that's exactly what you get. The trio from Lansing, Michigan use guitar, bass and drums to pound out eleven similar sounding and quick-paced, … [Read more...]

Mercury Rev – Snowflake Midnight

Mercury RevSnowflake MidnightWhen the plaudits were given to Mercury Rev for 1998’s Deserter’s Songs, some were clearly unjustified - including those hyperbolically handed-out by a younger version of this writer. It was asserted erroneously that the album was a new dazzling dawn for the band, with the preceding trio of 1991’s Yerself Is Steam, … [Read more...]

The Golden Hands Before God – Blood of November

The Golden Hands Before GodBlood of NovemberThe Golden Hands Before God call Windsor, Canada its hometown. The group has recently produced its first album Here. After listening to "Blood of November" I'm quite inspired to purchase the album ASAP. The band has a unique voice that reflects a solemn yet down to earth tone which reminds one of Neil … [Read more...]

Blitzen Trapper – Furr

Blitzen TrapperFurrWhen you’re part of something like Blitzen Trapper, a band whose umbrella is under about ten different genres — all on just one song — it creates a certain expectation. And following the triumph that was last year’s sprawling, surprisingly cohesive, and outstanding Wild Mountain Nation, there were certainly great expectations for … [Read more...]

The Black Watch – Icing the Snow Queen

The Black WatchIcing the Snow Queen The Black Watch has been under the radar for a long time. Critical acclaim won’t take away these guys’ street cred. I admire their choice to stay away from the spotlight, as they let the music speak for itself. I’ve only recently read up on them, but if their latest album Icing The Snow Queen is any indication, … [Read more...]

Jubilee – Manchester – Night and Day Cafe, United Kingdom – 2008-09-11

JubileeWhere: Manchester - Night and Day Cafe, United Kingdom.When: 2008-09-11So, I didn't want to start like this but there's no real way to get round it; yes, Jubilee's line-up does contain ex-members of Nine Inch Nails and The Icarus Line and one current member of Queens of the Stone Age. However, any preconceptions or expectations this … [Read more...]