Dead Heart Bloom – Fall In EP

Dead Heart Bloom
Fall In EP

Similar in style to ambitious Brit-pop acts like British Sea Power and Doves, NYC’s Dead Heart Bloom apply glimmering electric guitar leads over big and airy, and sometimes crunchy, chords amid a wash of synth-pop beats for a solid blend of guitar-based indie-rock and alternative pop.

Fall In is the first in a series of EPs the band is planning to release in 2008 and has enough intriguing indie-rock to make an impression and have this writer looking forward to the rest of the series.

The duo of Boris Skalsky (vocals, keys, guitar, bass) and Paul Wood (guitars, keys), and an assortment of guests drafted to play drums, strings and horns, temper their blustery wall of guitars with atmospheric effects and elements of shoegaze while crafting appealing alt-pop songs. The artful guitar riffs are not flashy but polished to fit within the context of the song and are buoyed by frothy synth lines. Skalky’s smooth baritone, sounding at times like a muffled cross between Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Thom Yorke (Radiohead), compliments the music and provides a distinctively Dead Heart Bloom sound.

All five tracks are creatively arranged with deep, resonating bass tones, catchy guitar leads and clever rhythms. Some transition nicely to more open and dreamy segments while others have melancholic post-rock percolating through the gauzy rock beats while fuzzy feedback strains fly above. Taking cues from bands like Ambulance Ltd. and Longwave, the music here could pass for something like Radiohead-lite.

With a band name more suitable for a goth and/or metal band, Dead Heart Bloom have a knack for extracting elements from some notable bands to create sweeping, guitar-based alternative rock. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just go to their website for a free digital download of the Fall In EP and listen for yourself.