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Kings of Leon – Only by the Night

Kings of LeonOnly by the NightA once sincere Southern-rock band with a heavy twinge of garage, last year’s Because of the Times saw Kings of Leon step out of the garage and into the arena. This is the same arena-styled rock that has worked grand success for bands such as U2 and Coldplay. And although you have probably already read a large chunk of … [Read more...]

Master Slash Slave – Scandal

Master Slash SlaveScandalI sometimes wonder why I review certain albums and find myself sidelining others, even when I'm less than hugely keen on a band and/or their music, for whatever reason. Packaging and PR often has a lot to do with this, and the sleeve blurb on my review copy of Scandal goes something like "Kraftwerk and The White Stripes … [Read more...]

Pale Young Gentlemen – Black Forest (tra la la)

Pale Young GentlemenBlack Forest (tra la la)The "sophomore slump" does not apply to the Pale Young Gentlemen, with Black Forest (tra la la) - their follow-up to 2007's outstanding debut - hitting the shelves on October 7th. Their first album, a creative, kitschy collection of off-the-wall tracks with vintage sensibilities, accrued wide acclaim … [Read more...]

The Boy Bathing – A Fire To Make Preparations

The Boy BathingA Fire To Make PreparationsA Fire To Make Preparations is a very perplexing album. It's bewildering because the first four songs are some of the most captivating, inspiring and original music I've heard in a long time. The rest of the disc, although superior by most standards, doesn't live up to the expectations forged by the opening … [Read more...]

Bon Iver – Bristol – Trinity Arts Centre, England – 2008-09-12

Bon Iver Where: Bristol - Trinity Arts Centre, England. When: 2008-09-12 Anyone who recently picked-up Bon Iver’s low-key but much-acclaimed debut LP, For Emma, Forever Ago, could have quite understandably expected Justin Vernon to have toured its wares in even more skeletal one-man arrangements. Bravely yet mercifully, Vernon appears to … [Read more...]

Mamiffer – Hirror Enniffer

MamifferHirror EnnifferBeing a one-man band myself, I’m always interested in the work of artists in the same situation. The music of these people is special because, if nothing else, it’s 100% them; their ideas, their production, and their skill at their instruments. Mamiffer is essentially an example of this, being the brainchild of Faith … [Read more...]

Two Sheds – s/t EP

Two Shedss/t EPListening to this Two Sheds self-titled EP I find myself drifting away from the task at hand. Whatever I'm attempting to do while listening to this disc, I can't accomplish. I end up sitting, eyes closed, captured by the slow net cast by singer Caitlin Gutenberger's voice. Even though I'm not accomplishing much on the endless to-do … [Read more...]

Twine – Violets

TwineVioletsTwine is composed of Greg Malcolm and Chad Mossholder and Violets, their fourth studio album, focuses on the human voice in conversation and in singing mode. Greg and Chad build up their low-key electronic sound by sending files to each other over the internet, layering vocals, found sounds, loops of guitar, and ambient to droning … [Read more...]

Seun Kuti – Many Things

Seun KutiMany ThingsFela: revolutionary, counterculturalist, orator, preacher, innovator, hero. Seun: son, musician. This difference is more than understandable - it's preferred. Any attempt by Seun, Fela's youngest son, to rise above his father's authority would be pure posturing, and I think he knows this. With Many Things, his first … [Read more...]

The Cheaters Club – QQROFL

The Cheaters ClubQQROFLThe Cheaters Club brings the dirge. There's no mistaking the Arab Strap stylings on QQROFL, a CD title surely meant to convey the irony of the situation. The Cheaters Club probably goes a step beyond its mentors in terms of frank talk, though. This one's ready to take on the PMRC (does that organization still … [Read more...]