The Midgetmen – Show Pony

The Midgetmen
Show Pony

The first time you hear Show Pony you may dismiss it as sloppy, bar-band, rock music. But give it a second, or even a third and fourth spin, and you’ll realize there is more to this Austin, Texas four-piece’s 3rd album than meets the ears, and the sloppy, bar-band, rock style is actually part of its charm.

While it’s true The Midgetmen play its songs with a reckless abandon and a certain disregard for elegance, it’s also true that the fiery drumming, churning rhythm guitars and sludgy bass lines are short, sharp, and often very catchy. The quick-tempo indie-punk is energetic, rowdy and fun and hits like a quick thunderstorm as electrifying and thrashy, sing-a-long, beer drinking songs.

Not breaking any new ground but somehow managing to sound fresh and rewarding is not an easy task, but The Midgetmen seems to have pulled it off, thanks to the deceptively clever hooks and jagged guitar riffs, played with rock n’ roll heart and soul and splashed with just the right amount of humorously undaunted attitude.

Show Pony is an accomplished mix of concise, energetic power-punk-rock with jerky melodies, whose songs are short, disorderly, raucous and playful, and have that intangible ingredient which can’t be quantified or qualified but somehow turns every song into a party.

Recommended Tracks: “Trickle Down”, “Moo Cows and Horsies” and “Words”