Short Takes on two singles and one EP

Two singles, one EP…

The Sapiens – Rind single



Danceable indie rock seems to be the focus of this Chicago quintet. The three songs on this single – the title track plus “Good to Lose” and “Flutterin’ Eyelids” – are all fairly upbeat, with the latter two ratcheting up the dance factor. However, I get the feeling these guys haven’t quite found their groove yet. The songs don’t sound incredibly cohesive, musically or lyrically, and I sometimes get the sense that each member isn’t playing the same thing, at the same time. If they keep practicing and keep plugging away this band could throw a lively party.


Big Face – “I Wanna be a Style Crusader” single

Kitsune Maison

I’ve never been a huge electro-anything band, and the music of Big Face doesn’t make me pause or make exception. While some toe-tapping beats and interesting keyboards arise in the first version of the song, the lyrics leave me thinking “what?!” and wondering if this actually achieved some level of dance club popularity in the UK. The Glaswegian quintet made of point of letting me know that at least some of the members had previously been in hardcore bands and I think perhaps harder music may be where the should have stayed. While trying to find out a bit more about the group I saw that they have just played their last show this past weekend and are now kaput.


Radio Radio – Alarm 1, Alarm 2 EP


I’ll be honest and admit that I wasn’t expecting much from this Tulsa, OK quartet. (What, only four members?) But, I still dig a lot of the music I grew up on, which is to say the normal (and sometimes not-so-normal) fodder of the 80’s and Radio Radio seems to be bringing that decade’s modern rock through a twenty year time warp to the present. The singer reminds me a lot of Simon LeBon, but he also channels the likes of David Bowie and others. Radio Radio’s music is no different – the group includes just about every element that made 80’s era modern rock bands fun. I feel like these guys grew up on the same stuff I did and have funneled that in to some really fun, dance-oriented pop-rock. Good show!